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Life In Technicolor
12-09-2008, 12:28
Forever Slave - My Girl (She Loves Her)

A couple of days ago I bought CD Forever Slave “Tales For Bad Girls” and I found this song that seems interesting to me. i
nfluenced by tatu??

A gothic girl called Lady Angellyca is singer of “FOREVER SLAVE”

Her favourite music: Female metal music.
I love a lot styles into metal music (gothic, black, death, doom, heavy, power...). My two favourite bands are: Satyricon and Rhapsody. I also love: TATU and Serebro,...
I like Zen music too.

My Girl (She Loves Her)

Summer is at an end
The sorrow was
in their hearts
Thousands of promises
When they were separated

Time is too slow
When you're not close to me
We'll never forget,
my love, that summer

My girl. You're my girl
Too late, it's too late
When I'll be able to look
at those eyes

I said, as we said
Too late, It's too late
I'm looking forward to
feeling your lips

I don't believe you
I want you to explain me
I need to know everything

I don't believe you
I want you to explain me
I need to know everything

I go for a walk
And I see her all the time
Some friends told me that
they saw her with a girl

We were two souls
And we loved each other
But you forgot your promises

Life In Technicolor
12-09-2008, 17:36
Has anyone listened to this Spanish gothic band? http://www.foreverslave.com/index.html

I like “Lunatic Asylum” from their first release "Alice's Inferno" -2005

Alice's Inferno is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the Dante's Inferno (Divina Comedia). Although the story is a bit different. Alice's Inferno tells the story of a teenager who was admitted in a psychiatric hospital after having been accused of killing her parents. Alice didn't remember anything about that. When she was 16 years old her boyfriend in the psychiatric hospital died in a similar situation. Everything pointed to her again and she didn't remember anything. That's why she travels to her own hell, her subconscious mind. Suicide, violence, love, dark atmospheres, the lost paradise of drugs, madness, sickness and the most pure Romantic philosophies are mixed in this CD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forever_Slave

“Our Story” (CD “Tales For Bad Girls”)

Life In Technicolor
11-10-2008, 08:46
I just bought "Alice's Inferno" on CD. I noticed that t.A.T.u. was mentioned in the list of the people (in the booklet) whom Lady Angellyca wanted to thank.

Her 'banda favorita (no metal): Tatu' :)

Life In Technicolor
08-02-2009, 15:34
t.A.T.u. was mentioned in the list


27-02-2009, 03:26
Thanks a lot, this is great!

27-02-2009, 03:34
Can someone upload the whole album?

Life In Technicolor
28-02-2009, 09:57
Forever Slave - Alice's Inferno (2005) VBR ~90mb

1. Lunatic Asylum 05:27
2. Reminiscences 05:05
3. In the Forest 04:45
4. Equilibrium 05:47
5. The Circles of Tenebra 06:58
6. Dreams and Dust 05:30
7. Aquelarre 04:10
8. Across the Mirror 07:56
9. Tristeza 03:51
10. The Letter 04:35

MP3 "Lunatic Asylum"

Forever Slave - Tales For Bad Girls (2008)

1. Dickhead! (4:56)
2. Say good-bye (4:02)
3. GothiX girls (3:54)
4. Pulse (0:24)
5. Kristin A.I.D.S. (4:53)
6. Afterlife (4:55)
7. Our story (3:42)
8. Mar, no te vayas (4:40)
9. The lovers (4:00)
10. Larmes et roses (4:23)
11. My girl (she loves her) (4:26)
12. Gasoline (4:06)

MP3 "My Girl (She Loves Her)"