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"Yulia Please!" Cried Lena.
"I am sorry, I simpily dont want to be in this
project any longer, I have children Lenka." replied Yulia.
"Julia you cant do this to me, to the fans, please
dont do this, please." said Lena.
The phone clicked, and Yulia was gone.
Lena Katina's mascara was bled, with the tears
that rolled down her cheeks.
She laid in bed wondering not about her future,
but everyones, the Fans, The projects. Everything.
Why would she do this to her?
After all these years.
She truly cared for her though, Yulia.
She just wished that she could explain to the fans
about all this. It wasnt her place, only Yulia's.
And that place may simpily never be....

Part ONE

"Did you tell her?" asked Parviz.
"Yes..." said Yulia with a whisper.
Parvis walked out of the room, and a few minutes later she saw him
through the window, getting in his car, where she assumed
he was off to work.
She was wrong to love him. When they met everything seemed like
a dream. A dream that would soon be shattered after the first
She couldnt go out, atleast not like this.
The black eye would say it all. Even makeup wouldnt cover up this
one, she knew this because she had, had many recently.
A car pulled up quickly to the front gate, it then beeped its horn,
loudly, many times.
The gate opened and the car drove beside the garage and came
to a screeched stop...
"Who could it be?" murmered Yulia.

Lena Katina got out of the car, and slammed the door shut.
She walked inside the mansion, where inside a maid yelled
"You arent aloud to be in here!" as she grabbed Lena's arm.
"Out of my way bitch!" Lena yelled as she pushed her away.
Lena walked quickly through a long corridor, and trudged up a flight
of stairs.
She then came to a hallway where she shoved Yulia's door open.

Their eyes had met, like they had before, the many times.
"C'mon Yulia, your coming with me." Lena exclaimed
as she stared at Yulia's swollen eye.
"I can't." Yulia murmed as she started looking down at the floor.
"It was him, wasnt it? Thats where you got the black eye!
It needs to stop Yulia. Think about Sam, and Vika! Do you want them
growing up watching Daddy hit Mommy?!" she yelled these words as
the tears rolled down her face.
Yulia stayed in silence.
"Yulia please, listen to me! Come with me to my grandmothers house,
it will be like old times, c'mon take a break with me, we will have
Nanny take care of the kids. C'mon please!" Lena said in a softer tone.
Then there was a long minute of silence between the two.
The rain against the roof was the only sound present.
"I love you Yulia! Don't you understand? I Love you! I care about
you so much!" the tears in Lena's eyes as she said this were still
there, and Yulia saw.
She got up out of the chair, took Lena's hand and said
"Let's Go."
The two girls walked out of the room and were about to start
a new adventure.....


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wiii!! that's cool!! i like it!! continueee!! :D