View Full Version : US town set to ban saggy trousers

14-06-2007, 15:54
A mayor in the US state of Louisiana says he will sign into law a proposal to make wearing saggy trousers an act of indecent exposure.

Delcambre town council unanimously passed the ordinance earlier this week making it a crime to wear trousers that show underwear.

"If you expose your private parts, you'll get a fine" of US$500 (£254) Mayor Carol Broussard said.

Offenders will also risk up to six months in jail.


Speaking of people who wear saggy trousers, Mr Broussard told the Associated Press news agency: "They're better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress."

Town attorney Ted Ayo said the ordinance expands on the existing state indecent exposure law by adding underwear to the list of forbidden exposures.

"This is a new ordinance that deals specifically with sagging pants," Mr Ayo said. "It's about showing off your underwear in public."

Some residents say the ordinance targets blacks, as low-slung trousers are fashionable among hip hop fans.

Mr Broussard denied it was racially motivated.

"White people wear sagging pants, too," he said.


This is absolutely insane. The world has come all this way, now some parts of the world want to take 10 steps back? Crazy. I bet some of these people would criticise Muslims for wearing a veiling but really they are doing the same thing as each other - trying to control and repress.

13-09-2008, 14:58
Thats what people get when they take a trend too far. In this case, not being able to put your trousers on properly :) Still if they do go with the ban, a feel sorry for the people that live their. Theirs no need for that. Makes me laugh from an outsiders perspective!