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08-06-2007, 14:52
Woot, yet again I'm whoring the Questions to the Moderators section!

Anyways, a thought I had. :)

I belong to an Avril Lavigne forum as well, and on this forum you earn what are called "bux" which are like rep... After you acquire so many you can purchase special options such as - changing the color of your user name on the forum or making it glow, underlined, bold or even changing your user name.

I'm just wondering if anything like this is able to be done here. The rep system is cool, but it's a tad...boring for my taste I guess? No offense, I just mean it's not exactly thrilling.

08-06-2007, 15:05
I've been to forums like that, and I thought it was pretty cool. :) But I'm not sure how well that would go with this forum's cleanliness (is that a word? haha). You know we like to keep it simple here. I think people could easily overdose on these special features and we'd be seeing yellow flashing usernames in no time...

Also, the mods, admins and honorary members have special colors for their names - this could also be a problem. You wouldn't recognize as easily who is a mod and who is not (if anyone even pays attention to username color).

But I guess there are also other things to "win" except for username modification...

08-06-2007, 15:06
Hmm. I suppose it would be hard. They could always impose restrictions as well. Besides, some of these things require like 800 rep. Hardly anyone besides the original members even have that amount. You knows?