View Full Version : Torrents ???,,, What are they?

13-05-2007, 18:51
Hi, I was searching for some music and I was directed to a site named Torretz.ws,,, I had read about torrents but I never cared cuz I never needed them... I know most of you might have used bunch of things to download media so I said, Ask tatysite members????.,,, sould anyone tell me how to use torrents,, I'm given some links but I can't see any .mp3, .avi or .mpeg endings so I'm kind of lost then.

The questions are, how to use torrents?, I visited sites were I got more confused. I need simple explnation and also Do I need special software installed, and it I do... Can I use an online site in case I can't install it in my pc.

Hope someone answers, thank you! :D

the unforgiven
13-05-2007, 18:56
for downloading torrents you need a special software, I personally use Azureus
once you have downloaded your software you can download the torrents links and open them with the software and after that it's like a P2P stuff (I guess lol but I'm not a pro)

that's all I know about that
it's pretty easy, even me can do that ... so everybody can :done: