View Full Version : Rape as a weapon

22-04-2007, 00:57
Mass rapes have officially become war crimes only a few years ago and not many perpetrators have been sentenced for those crimes yet.

The UN has recently launched an inter-agency program called Stop Rape Now (http://www.stoprapenow.org/) to increase awareness of those crimes and remind countries at war that perpetrators of mass rapes will be prosecuted for war crimes.

Mass rapes are known to be currently going on in Burma and Sudan (http://usinfo.state.gov/xarchives/display.html?p=washfile-english&y=2007&m=February&x=20070228160048atiayduj0.4319269).

Some general facts and figures (http://www.un.org/events/women/iwd/2007/factsfigures.shtml) about violence against women.

It's not always known but the largest mass rapes happened at the end of WWII…
Read this article: Red Army troops raped even Russian women as they freed them from camps (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2002/01/24/wbeev24.xml&sSheet=/news/2002/01/24/ixworld.html)