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18-04-2007, 11:05
NoviGot - a russian Rock band in Finland.

Started in the autumn of 2004 when three russian immigrants in Finland (Kysja, Oleg & Dmitri) came together and decided they wanted to be a rock band. So they started playing songs from Kysja's home-made demo and some new ones too. Since then they've been adding some members to the band, playing some shows and in the winter/spring of 2006 recorded a demo as a 7-piece (Kysja - bass, vocals, Oleg - guitar, Dmitri - guitar, Lizzie - drums/percussion, Jaana - violin, vocals, Juliana - keys, Sasha - percussion). Juliana left the band summer 2006 and was replaced by Camilla. 14.9 the band played their second show in Factory, Helsinki, together with russian dark folk legends Rada i Ternovnik. The gig was the last to feature Oleg, who left the band straight after the concert. Next day Kysja, Lizzie and Dmitri went to see an acoustic home gig of Rada i Ternovnik. It turned out that the inhabitant of the flat and an organiser of this gig - a young man named Mihail plays a guitar and loves russian rock. Another week later Mihail was already a member of the band. Currently the band is rehearsing new material with new guitarist.

So, guys, enjoy the NoviGot's Music!!! ;)

NoviGot's MySpace Page (http://www.myspace.com/novigot)

The Official Web Page (http://www.nogood.ru/r_music.htm)