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29-01-2007, 22:29
I was just browsing the forum and noticed somthing about the Languages. We've got English...Russian, and Spanish. But we don't have any other major European languages represented. Is it possible to add a forum for people who speak only French or German to perhaps ease them into the t.A.Tu. world? Or at least tatysite.net? If it's possible to have a spanish forum, why not other native langauge forums?

30-01-2007, 00:07
As far as i know, it's essentially because we've never had any significant requests, continental Europeans who speak English prefer to hang out in the English section, those who don't prefer to hang out on their respective national forums.
The Spanish section was required mainly by South Americans.

30-01-2007, 01:17
Gotcha :). Ok lol. just wondering.