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08-12-2006, 00:21
this is a pop rock group called total

you can listen to ther media here at


and ther new website


if anyone has or gets ther new album moi mir please share

08-12-2006, 01:17
I LOVE total! Thank you for posting their new website address :D

About their new album, has it been released yet? I'm really waiting for it...

08-12-2006, 20:40
the only information i know is the websites link
i cant read russian so i cant tell you anything about them except that they have a new cd

(i really really want that cd) i just had to write that lol

the new website was recently put up plus the new albulm and unfortionatly im not sure if the new album is officially out yet

so we might just have to wait till they put up the mp3 for the cd on thr new website or hope that someone shares the new cd with us
or until someone gives us more info

ps the older website has some songs from ther new cd check them out

27-12-2006, 01:42
i hope this works

new album total moi mir


30-12-2006, 21:12
Wow, thank you for the new album!!!

I hadn't realised they had released anything new! :gigi:

Alezito Volkova
31-12-2006, 03:49
:p mmmmmuuuuaaa kisss miiii :::