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05-12-2006, 04:10
Песня называется/Pesnya nazivaetsya

Does anyone have any information on this band?
I saw a video which I find that I love.
So, if anyone has information about them or if they have a website or anything would be great.

Here's the video on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZEgplVY94s "Моря по колено"

05-12-2006, 07:44
You got the wrong info, i think. The name of this band is Lakmus. The video for "Moria po koleno" was shooted by Lena Kiper.

"Pesnia Nazyvaetsia" means "The song is called...".

I think the artcounsult.ru had some info about them, but unfortunately it's down now :( Anyway, i think it's more possible to find info when you know the real name of the band ;)

Edited: I found their official site http://www.lakmus.biz

Some links for videos:

Padaesh Vniz (You falling down) http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_VniZ_gQ.wmv
Zovi menia Djinn (Call me a djinny) http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_ZMJ_-_gQ.wmv
Moria Po koleno - Shooting the video: http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_MPK_making_gQ.wmv
Moria Po Koleno http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_MPK_gQ.wmv
BHS http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_Butterfly-Backstage_-_gQ.wmv
60's, 70's http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_60-70_gQ.wmv
Garbage http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_vs_Garbage_gQ.wmv
Krugom odna voda (It's only water around) http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/new/Lakmus_-_Voda_-_gQ.wmv
Garbage In Moscow http://www.lakmus.biz/videos/Garbage_Moscow_03.07.02.wmv

Some music can be found here http://www.lakmus.biz/music/

Seems to me that there are not active now.

Life In Technicolor
05-12-2006, 12:27
Their Big Hit "Puzyr'ki" ("Koka-kola") http://dl.zvuki.ru/1/3305/mp3/3.mp3
or here:

Some music can be found here http://www.lakmus.biz/music/

06-12-2006, 00:47
Ahh. Thanks alot. Ha. I was wondering that.. I was like.. "Hm.. That's a weird name for a band.." But thanks for straighting it out. Thank you both very much!

hm.. turns out i already had the "puzyr'ki" song. woo. wow. They were there all along!

But thanks again.

- Tigoo
05-01-2007, 22:52
New Album: Tochka Neobratimosti!

Cover (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/disk_dot.jpg)

Track List:

1. Lezviya (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_01_Lezviya.mp3)
2. Proschayus (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_02_Proschayus.mp3)
3. Мы встретимся там (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_03_My_vstretimsya_tam.mp3)
4. Samolety letyat (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_04_Samolety.mp3)
5. Po shosse (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_05_Poshosse.mp3)
6. Vesnushki (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_06_Vesnushki.mp3)
7. California (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_07_California.mp3)
8. Zombie (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_08_Zombie.mp3)
9. Tebe (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_09_Tebe.mp3)
10. Vozdushnyi zmei (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_10_Zmei.mp3)
11. Chelovek cheloveku (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_11_Chelovek_cheloveku.mp3)
12. Shiva (http://www.lakmus.biz/music/2006tn/Lakmus_-_12_Shiva.mp3)

Download the full album! (http://www.lakmus.biz/arpo/Lakmus_-_Tochka_Neobratimosti_-_2006.zip)