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18-10-2006, 21:46
20 mb of gwen clips (http://www.rogepost.com/dn/dq3d)

Love, Angel, Music, Baby 2/ Sweet Escape (Doubt that'll be the title...)
1. Sweet Escape - 1:30 clip
2. Breaking Up - 2:31 clip
3. Candyland - 1:50 clip
4. Orange County Girl - 1:27 clip
5. Wind It Up (demo) - 2:16 clip
6. Wing It Up (fashion show demo) - 1:50 clip
7. Wind It Up (Live Anaheim 11-26-05) - 3:00
8. Wind It Up (Milwaukee 2005) - 2:17

thx to BlueSim

19-10-2006, 02:10
Alright! I looooved Love, Angel, Music, Baby i had no idea she was working on another!

Hmm... what about that one rumour of going back to the studio with no doubt for another album :(

Юлян Julian
19-10-2006, 07:59
i don't think she worked on another, they're all just songs left over from the LAMB sessions =)

30-10-2006, 19:03
well here's the first hq track
no surprise it's wind it up (http://www.sendspace.com/file/q29li2) - the surprise to me is still the yodling :confused: but it might grow on me..
thanks to fmsm

04-11-2006, 12:53
hmm, looks like it might happen afterall: gwen stefani - the sweet escape should be released december 5th.. here's the cover (http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3485/1272/1600/67d49b24-b099-4a7a-bd17-a332ec02081e.jpg)

04-11-2006, 16:25
^can´t see it :(
Well I guess I was a fan of her first album, I have it even in special edition (and I don´t know why ´cause I really liked only like two or three songs but they were sooo awesome..). I doubt I´m gonna buy Sweet Escape but I am gonna buy the live dvd ´cause gwen puts up a good show and those harajukus are so cute+funny :coctail:

14-11-2006, 05:03
I found her new video:

Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up (http://www.sendspace.com/file/6bvsz6)

16-11-2006, 16:11
Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up - Live at Popworld (11th Nov 2006) (85 mb)


21-11-2006, 05:24
i was in the imdb thread and they said it was leaked last friday the whole album, the download links were deleted by the stupid administrators and i was wondering does anybody have it on this site thanks!

21-11-2006, 06:24
I heard a song - some jewish-inspiring song - and I have to be honest and say and it was realy realy but I mean really rubbish and plain weird. I have no idea how these songs become hits.

Lets hope the album got some better tracks on it.
No I don't have it but if it was leaked it should be all over the p2p sites don't you think?

21-11-2006, 07:47
I heard a song - some jewish-inspiring song - and I have to be honest and say and it was realy realy but I mean really rubbish and plain weird. I have no idea how these songs become hits.

I f you mean "Wind it up" it's totally not jewish... trust me, I am one. :D crosses and stuff...

Gwen Stefani has a very special style, you don't have to like her... :cool:

21-11-2006, 11:11
I like Gwen...a lot, both her music and her ideas, I think she's pretty original for a commercial artist, otherwise I woudln't have commented on her. But Wind It Up didn't work for me, jewish-inspired or not ;)

21-11-2006, 12:39
I have the new album ill upload in a while

edit: ok its taking forever to upload so heres the link i used to download it im still uploading to sendspace for ppl who cant use rapidshare



21-11-2006, 12:56
thanks...grab it while it's hot people!

rapidshare works fine for me after I found out my modem/router of all things (WTF!?) had a firewall installed by default which I naturally disabled - I'm not a big fan of rapidshare but boy is it fast!

Yeah it's not jewish - that was if I Were A Rich Man. This is yodelling, and it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddd :p
though it's got some kind of rhythm, so another hit for Miss Stefani...
I liked No Doubt better, though the dance music she makes now is interesting...Not impressed at all with this album of hers, in the 4th track so far. She sounds like a poor girl's Pink :bum: