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18-10-2006, 00:43
I know it's been quiet late, but I just wanted to start a topic with Savage Garden 'cause even if it's been 5 years since they split, I still like them and with t.A.T.u are my fave ones!.

They're still one of the most succesful australian bands have ever existed, with tons of records sold all around the world just in their debut album, and because most of teh forums started have closed and some son't allow to share music in their sites, so if you wanna share something special of them plzz do it.

I downloaded years ago 4 demos which they sent to Label Records before in a 5 song cd they were Savage Garden; Tell me it's okay, In this lifetime, She, Aubergine Girl, Magical Kisses, the last one Gypsy girl is the one I'm searching!,
I'll upload them tomorrow.

And also Affirmation promo video, not the one in Superstars and CannonBalls DVD, the one filmd in Australia I think,, and a Black and white version of To the moon and back video....

Savage Garden sold more than 20 millions copies, won 10 ARIAS (until now they keep the record). And have hits like Truly Madly Deeply, I knew I loved you, I want you and To the moon and Back,,,,,

Darren Hayes, (savage garden former singer) released Truly Madly Completely in late 2005(The greatest hits)... which in some limited editions included a DVD (just like t.A.T.u. The Best).

Darren Hayes has just admitted he's gay and married his boyfriend for 2 years,, Richard "something",,, (the one who desinged So Beautiful Cover artwork)

Anyone else wants to share something?

20-10-2006, 17:52
Here are the demos uplaoded!


21-10-2006, 22:29
I love Truly Madly Deepy!! Great song :dead: