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07-10-2006, 23:21
Hi! I need your help please!

you see...

the thing is that I have 5 songs that I can´t get out of my head, and I don´t know who´s the singer or the name of the song, but I´ve recorded a little bit of each one from the radio, and I made a file containing 30 sec. of each one. I uploaded to rapidshare, here´s the link to download it.


If you could please listen to this file, it´s a very short one, like 2 :30 min, I would really appreciate if you could tell me anything about any of any one of this songs.


20-10-2006, 18:08
Thanks sooooo much to Elu! ;) For giving me the last song´s name!!

It´s Brat`ya Grim ´s Resnitzi!! :D

Only 4 to go!!!:cool: