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24-09-2006, 20:11
anyone like her?

"Город обмана" (gorod obmana) http://www.badb.ru/elka/sound/gorod_obmana.mp3
"Девочка в Пежо" (devochka v Pezho) http://www.badb.ru/elka/sound/devochka_v_pejo.mp3
"Хорошее настроение" (khoroshee nastroenie) http://www.badb.ru/elka/sound/good_mood.mp3
"Девочка студентка" (devochkv Studentka) http://www.elkasinger.ru/devochka_studentka.mp3

"i want to be a movie star" http://www.badb.ru/elka/video/movie_star.avi
"Gorod Obmana" http://www.badb.ru/elka/video/gorod_obmana.avi
"khoroshee nastroenie" http://www.badb.ru/elka/video/good_mood.avi
a few elka videos on youtube-> http://youtube.com/results?search_query=elka+russian

more videos, music, and photos on her site. www.elkasinger.ru

" i want to be a movie star" is part russian part englsih. and if uve seen the video, who is that guy ? simon..somthing.. i suppose.. but who?

but over all. i like it.

09-10-2006, 23:34
I love her!!! I spend most of my evening singing Девочка студентка and Девочка в Пежо :p

There´s something about her voice that makes me want to know more about her!!!!