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New pictures, explanation's are under the picture:


Aaaaand, here's a fanfiction for you peoples to enjoy:


Lena sat quietly not paying attention to the soft murmur of voices around her. A woman approached her, smiling.
“Happy birthday, Lena.” She said.
“Yes, thank you.” Lena replied, putting on a fake smile. The woman noticed something strange and instantly looked confused.
“Where’s Yulia? It wouldn’t be like her to skip out on your birthday.” She asked. Lena glanced at her sadly then cast her eyes to the floor. “Oh! I-I’m sorry, Lena...”
“No, it’s okay. She probably has other important business to attend to I’m sure.” Lena remarked. The woman walked off an after a few minutes, Lena went to her room and curled up in her bed, anxiously awaiting a phone call from Yulia.


“Yes, I’ll be there soon.” Yulia smiled.
“OK, I’ll leave the front door unlocked for you, just make sure you lock it when you come in and you may stay as long as you’d like.” Came a male voice from the other side of the phone.
“Thank you.” Yulia smirked and closed her cell. She opened the box in her hand and looked in it one more time. “It’s perfect.” She whispered to herself and started the car.


Hours passed as Lena lay in her bed. Still nothing to be heard from Yulia. She couldn’t have possibly forgotten it was her birthday, could she? The murmur of people faded and the sound of dishes being put away could be heard. She looked at the clock. 11:32 P.M. The front door opened and closed. Weird, who would be leaving the house at this time? Footsteps sounded down the hall to her room. There was a light tap on the door. Lena figured it was her mother checking on her and remained on her bed, facing the wall opposite of the door.
“Come in.” Lena demanded. The door opened and closed. Someone silently made their way to Lena’s bed and sat down on the opposite side of her.
“What do you want?” Lena asked.
“What’s with the cold greeting? I came to see you.”
Lena jumped up at the slightly raspy voice and looked at the person situated next to her.
“Yulia?!” She exclaimed. Yulia flashed Lena a devious smirk.
“In the flesh.” Yulia replied.


“Wh-Why are you here?” Lena fumed.
“To wish you a happy birthday, of course.” Yulia answered.
“Well it’s almost over. It’s nearly 11:40 already, almost the 11th.” Lena remarked.
“No matter,” Yulia said, “I’ll make it quick, then.”
“Wait, how’d you get in the house without knocking or ringing the doorbell?” Lena inquired.
“I called your dad and told him that I was coming over and I wanted it to be a surprise, so he left the door unlocked for me.” Yulia answered. Lena nodded. “Now let’s have us a real birthday party!” Yulia shouted happily. She approached Lena and took one side of her face in the palm of her hand. Yulia then pulled Lena’s face towards her own and planted a tender, yet fiery kiss on Lena’s lips. To Yulia’s surprise, Lena didn’t return the kiss. Yulia pulled away.
“Lena, what’s the matter?” Yulia asked, stroking Lena’s deep red locks of curly hair. Lena looked at the ground for a second, then looked up directly in Yulia’s baby blue eyes.
“You waited until now to come give me a kiss? You could have done that anytime of the day.” Lena whined.
“True, but I couldn’t have gotten this anytime of the day.” Yulia admitted, pulling out a small white box from her jacket pocket. She handed the box to Lena with a huge grin on her face. Lena opened the box gingerly and gasped.
“So that’s what you were doing. Yulia, it’s beautiful!” Yulia smiled at Lena’s reaction.
“Well I’m glad you like it.” Yulia remarked. Inside the box was a silver chain necklace with a pendant that resembled the tattoo on Yulia’s hip dangling in the front. Yulia took the necklace from Lena’s hands and unhooked it. She wrapped her arms across Lena’s shoulders and hooked it behind her neck, letting it fall softly against Lena’s chest. Yulia sat down on the bed while Lena admired the necklace.
“Sorry I got mad at you. I love you, Yulia.” Lena apologized, her voice quiet.
“Show me.”


Chapter 3 should be up soon (Which is NC-17 from the beginning to the end at that point....=P). I'd do it now, put I haven't got it typed out or on the thumb drive yet...But I do have it written, so it shouldn't be too long until I get the rest up.

--Michelle Koch

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Chapter 3 should be up soon (Which is NC-17 from the beginning to the end at that point....=P)I'm looking forward to that! :p

Great drawings btw! :yes:

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I'm looking forward to that! :p

Haha. My friend Anna read it and thought it was very erotic. She even said that if it had been typed and she didn't know I had written it, then she would jack off to it. :D

Great drawings btw! :yes:

Thanks. :)

--Michelle Koch

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She even said that if it had been typed and she didn't know I had written it, then she would jack off to it. :D I probably will, I do with most Tatu fanfiction :rolleyes:

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I probably will, I do with most Tatu fanfiction

you, jack off In the Islands of Arts ? never! such self-deprecating slander, I'll have none of it... ;)

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LOL at that one. Nice! :p I really like all of your work :D

Chapter 3 should be up soon (Which is NC-17 from the beginning to the end at that point....=P).
I can't wait! :gigi:

I probably will, I do with most Tatu fanfiction
LOL isn't that the main purpose of fanfiction?! :p

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you, jack off In the Islands of Arts ?My usual trick is to go to tatu.us, go to the search function and type in "clit". That usually finds me some *interesting* stuff :laugh:

LOL isn't that the main purpose of fanfiction?! :pI think it is :p

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My usual trick is to go to tatu.us, go to the search function and type in "clit". That usually finds me some *interesting* stuff

I never thought of that! No more reading through crappy fics to find some good stuff. Great idea! :D
*Runs off to try it*

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Make sure you have it set up like this (http://img191.imageshack.us/my.php?image=79329gs9.jpg) :)

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Haha. I don't read and do that at the computer desk. Psh, that's too uncomfortable. Print it out and move to a bed. It's so much comfier. XD

I'm gunna type the rest of it out when I get back to my house later...Should be up by Monday I hope...

--Michelle Koch

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Haha. I don't read and do that at the computer desk. Psh, that's too uncomfortable. Print it out and move to a bed. It's so much comfier. XDThere's a reason why I use my left hand, right hand is always on the mouse :lol:

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There's a reason why I use my left hand, right hand is always on the mouse :lol:

Haha...I always use my left hand anyway. It's more flexible for hitting those...hard to reach spots....Right hand is more for power. :lalala:

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The next post will be the updated story...Promise...


--Michelle Koch

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I really cant wait to read the rest of it. Fanfiction is always so interesting :p

If only it were true:lalala:

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Cats_In_The_Hat, thanks for the nice drawings!

And the fanfic looks very promising :D

My usual trick is to go to tatu.us, go to the search function and type in "clit". That usually finds me some *interesting* stuff Thanks for the hint. You learn something new every day...

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CHAPTER THREE (Here’s the NC-17 stuff, folks)

“Show me that you love me. Pakashi mne lvubov’ (Show me your love).” Yulia repeated. At that, Lena leaned forward and kissed Yulia hard on the lips. Yulia wrapped her arms around Lena’s waist and Lena put one hand on Yulia’s face and the other on her thigh. Yulia parted her lips slightly to allow Lena to slide her tongue in Yulia’s mouth. Lena took up the offer, slipping her tongue in Yulia’s mouth, sliding her tongue across Yulia’s sensually. Yulia slid her jacket off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Lena then pushed Yulia back onto the bed and pressed her hips into Yulia’s pelvis eliciting a moan from her as a reward. Lena pulled away from Yulia and got off of her. Yulia exhaled sharply and propped herself up on her elbows.
“That’s it?” Yulia asked, her breathing quicker than before.
“No, I wanna play a game.” Yulia answered.
“A game?” Yulia inquired further.
“Yeah, we’ll see who can go the longest without pleading the other to get them off.” Lena explained.
“You mean seduction?”
“Pretty much.”
“OK, I’ll play along.” Yulia said.
“Alright, who’ll go first?” Lena asked, causing Yulia to smirk.
“You’re the birthday girl. I think you should go first.” Yulia answered.
“Oh good. I wanted to show you a new trick I learned.” Lena squeaked ecstatically.
“Trick?” Yulia questioned anxiously, watching as Lena climbed across the bed back to Yulia.
“Mm-hmm.” Lena answered, grabbing Yulia’s shoulders and gently pushing them back until she was flat on the bed. Lena moved over Yulia and started kissing her neck, then moved slowly down until Lena found the collar of Yulia’s button-up shirt. Yulia was about to undo the buttons with her hand, wanting Lena to go further down, but to Yulia’s surprise, Lena started undoing the buttons with her mouth.
A simple trick. Lena thought. She slipped her finger down the fabric that was unbuttoned while undoing the last button until the shirt was completely unbuttoned and laying softly against Yulia’s body. Lena pulled the shirt open and returned to kissing Yulia’s neck. She lightly ran her fingers over Yulia’s exposed skin, sending shivers down her spine. Lena moved lower, brushing her lips on Yulia’s collarbone. Yulia ached. She craved Lena. She wanted her to go lower, lower. Yulia’s wishes were answered as Lena snaked her hands down Yulia’s sides and undid her pants while she kissed her, lower still. Yulia wanted to pull her pants down herself, but that would mean she would lose the game. While Yulia was thinking, Lena took Yulia’s breast in her lips and traced circles around her nipple with her tongue, sending waves of pleasure through Yulia. The sudden action caught Yulia off guard, causing her to scream out Lena’s name in a husky moan and start panting softly. Lena grabbed Yulia’s other breast with one hand, firmly stroking it, and used the other hand to tug at Yulia’s pants blindly. Yulia could hardly take it, her stomach muscles were clenched in anticipation and she was soaking wet in her own juices.
Lena still prolonged the torture by making a trail of kisses down Yulia’s stomach, stopped at her pantline, and went back up. Lena sat up and looked at Yulia who’s eyes were closed in bliss and her breathing heavy, lips parted. Lena smiled as her thoughts went to when she saw the finished version of the Prostie Dvizhenia video. That same lustful look in that video was now plastered on the aroused Yulia’s face as Lena traced her fingers over the top of Yulia’s pants.
Lena peeled Yulia’s pants off her body, but still planned on torturing her more until she would scream for more. Lena lightly brushed Yulia’s inner thigh with her fingers but never got near to stimulating her in any way. Lena removed her hands from Yulia’s legs and moved them either sides of her neck. Lena slowly moved her hands down Yulia’s body, leaving a trail of kisses between wherever she moved her hands. Lena’s cold fingers caressed Yulia’s nipples on the way down, hardening them further. Yulia raised her trembling pelvis slightly when Lena’s hands passed her belly button, certain she would receive what she longed for now. But Lena moved her hands back up to Yulia’s arms and traced them back down, then back up, back down, each time starting at a spot a little lower than the time before. Such prolonging nearly sent Yulia through the roof making her want to get herself off to finish the job, but she wanted to find out what else Lena would do to cause indescribable pleasure.
Finally Lena was at Yulia’s hips and she started to rub Yulia’s lips through her underwear. It wasn’t direct stimulation, but enough to make Yulia moan and drive her to the very edge of orgasm. Lena stopped to drag Yulia’s underwear off and cast it to the floor.
Yulia’s breath was trembling as Lena lowered her head to Yulia’s thigh, her hot breathing spilling over her leg and even reaching her dripping, wanting pussy. Lena decided not to make Yulia wait any longer, but still wouldn’t unveil her whole bag of tricks. Lena used one hand to lightly stroke Yulia’s clit and the other to hold her thigh open. Lena started slow, only caressing the skin around Yulia’s clit, but then pushed the surrounding skin out of the way and licked it harshly.
“Trahae...” Yulia moaned slowly, tilting her head back inch by inch, awakened to the new texture (‘Trahae’ is one of the words for ‘fuck’ in Russian). Lena continued to play with Yulia, using all kinds of strokes to drive Yulia insane. When Lena thought that Yulia was about to come, she stopped touching Yulia anywhere near between the legs until Yulia was half as aroused as she was a minute ago, then stimulated Yulia again until she was on the brink, then stopped once more. Lena did this until she thought Yulia would give up on Lena and do it herself. Lena made sure to hold Yulia’s legs wide open with her own legs before she began. Lena smiled wide at the completely helpless, fully aroused Yulia.
“Brace yourself.” Lena warned quietly in Yulia’s ear, then she grabbed one of Yulia’s hands, lacing their fingers, out to the side and used the other hand to rub Yulia’s clit much faster and harder than before. Yulia’s moaning came fast as a massive climax was building inside of her. Yulia clenched a pillow with her free hand and gripped Lena’s hand with the other. Lena was being aroused at the pitiful noises that came from Yulia as Yulia’s thighs involuntarily tried to close themselves, but Lena was holding them down too hard for them to close. Yulia was pretty much screaming at this point, her back arched, head thrown back, completely helpless to Lena’s erotic onslaught.
“Oh...L-Lena...Faster!” Yulia managed to groan. Lena didn’t oblige. She wasn’t through yet. Lena stopped rubbing and slammed two fingers into Yulia’s slick lips and started pushing her fingers in and out of Yulia. She varied the pressures and speeds: slow in, fast out: fast in, slow out; slow in, slow out; again and again until Yulia was at the very tip top edge of an overwhelming wave of orgasm then Lena stopped fingering her and went back to rubbing Yulia’s clit, only this time she started sucking on Yulia’s breasts to add to the pleasure. Yulia was trying with all her might to not come, but she was so close that she didn’t know how much longer she could prevent herself from it, and she wanted it to be as powerful and overpowering as it could be. Yulia noticed that Lena was moaning into Yulia’s shivering cunt by this point. Yulia pressed the soles of her feet together to tighten her leg muscles at just the right time as Lena tore her hand from Yulia’s grasp and thrust two fingers deep into Yulia, fast and hard.
All that stimulation threw Yulia into the most intense orgasm she’s ever had before, sweat rolling down her back, fast moans emitted from low in her throat, fingers tearing at the bed sheets as Lena’s fingers rummaged through and through, pounding into Yulia with no mercy. Yulia’s arousal apparently affected Lena as well, for she was hardly able to focus on what she was doing with her mouth because she was panting so heavily. Yulia body shuddered in a mind blowing climax, blood coursing through her veins, pulsing in time to Lena’s fingers pumping in her until she couldn’t take it anymore.
“Lena! Stop! Please, stop!” Yulia groaned, even through she loved every minute of it, she just couldn’t handle anymore. “I can’t take it...” Lena stopped this time, for she had also become highly aroused by pleasing Yulia so much and she didn’t want to give Yulia any sort of head starts. Lena got up off the bed and licked some of Yulia’s cum off into her mouth.
“I’ll be back in a second. I really gotta wash my fingers off.” Lena said.
“OK, I’ll wait here.” Yulia replied. Lena walked out of the room into the bathroom across the hall. Yulia took that as a perfect opportunity. She slid of the bed and started searching through Lena’s chest of drawers. She needed something...anything...
“Ah, here we go.” Yulia said, pulling two items from the back of the drawer. “This will have to work somehow.”

CHAPTER FOUR (BDSM lovers will like this one)

Lena examined her fingers which were glistening in the light and covered in a thin layer of Yulia’s cum. Man, I worked her hard...Can’t wait to see what she’ll do. Lena thought with a smile, sticking her hand into the sink to wash it.
When she was done washing her hand, she decided to go to the bathroom to avoid embarrassment if she suddenly had a strong urge to have to go while Yulia brought her off. Lena looked down into her underwear. That turned me on more than I thought it would. She thought and wiped some of her juices out of her underwear. She blushed. Yulia was wild. She probably has something kinky she wants to try out or she’ll be really aggressive...Lena though, flushing the toilet. She left the bathroom and made her way back to the bedroom.

Yulia was waiting for her on the bed, sitting, ironically enough, innocently on the bed with the moonlight from the window reflecting on her bare skin. Lena sighed quietly, examining every inch of Yulia’s naked body. Her smooth skin that Lena loved to run her fingers over. Her perfectly sized breasts that fit proportionally to her body. Her nipples which weren’t too dark, and not too bright. Her tight stomach with her belly button ring dangling freely against her toned abs. Her hips that stuck out slightly. God, how Lena loved Yulia especially her cute little grin which always made it look like she was hiding a childish secret. Her eyes looked like baby blue marbles encrested with a black center. Lena took her place next to Yulia who smiled seductively and raised an eyebrow suggestively.
“Your turn.” Lena remarked, her breath catching at Yulia’s action. Yulia wordlessly forced Lena back against the bed and crushed her mouth against Lena’s soft lips. Yulia then penetrated Lena’s mouth with her tongue and explored the contours of it. Lena fought back a low moan from the back of her throat as Yulia slowly slid her hands up Lena’s thin shirt and expertly teased her hardening nipples. Yulia had much more in store for Lena, so she pulled Lena’s shirt up over her head and threw it to the side. Lena then closed her eyes as Yulia returned to Lena’s mouth, sliding her tongues across every inch she could reach.
Yulia reached under a pillow, grabbed Lena’s wrists, pulled them over her head, and held them against a bar on the backboard of the bed. Lena was so wrapped up in the taste of Yulia’s mouth that she hardly noticed Yulia bonding her wrists to the cold iron bars with a thick, strong ribbon.
Yulia sat up quickly and admired her work. Lena struggled against the tight knot, but her efforts were worthless, for Yulia had bound the ribbon tightly.
“Got ya.” Yulia joked. Lena growled and fought again.
“That’s not fair.” Lena complained. Yulia chuckled.
“Fair? I don’t remember there being any rules.” Yulia stated, her eyes fairly soft for someone who just tied her girlfriend to a bed. She lowered her head to Lena’s exposed nakedness, flicking out her tongue on Lena’s nipple, causing Yulia to inhale quickly and arch her breast to Yulia’s taunting lips. Yulia refused to please her at her obvious wanting. She would make Lena feel more tortured than Yulia had.
Yulia lightly pulled Lena’s thighs apart and let her hand wander down to Lena’s center and caress her through her jeans. The sensation was new and pleasing to Lena. Next, Yulia undid Lena’s pants and slowly pushed them off, taking her underwear with them.
Yulia dipped her fingers between Lena’s thighs, making Lena’s limbs tense. When Yulia slid her middle finger into Lena’s slick folds, it came back drenched in moisture.
“Already wet.” Yulia uttered with satisfaction. Lena’s heart lept when Yulia thrust her finger back inside Lena’s moist cleft deeper, withdrew, and invaded again, her thumb stroking the nub of her sex.
A shudder rocked Lena as Yulia deliberately explored, and Lena found herself grinding her hips against Yulia’s arousing hand. Yulia’s touch shot waves of pleasure through Lena deep between her thighs at the same time she was held powerless to move. The sense of being at Yulia’s mercy was not so much frightening as it was thrilling. The intensity was making her ache with wild longing.
When Lena’s hips began writhing, Yulia retreated her fingers and slid them back under the pillow, this time she pulled out a long chain of a beaded necklace.
“Yulia...” Lena groaned. Yulia placed a clean finger over Lena’s lip to quiet her.
“Ssh. You’ll enjoy this.” Yulia whispered softly into Lena’s ear. But Lena was not worried that it wouldn’t please her; she knew she would enjoy it too much and come too quickly.
Yulia let the delicate strand of beads glide over Lena’s skin to dangle between her thighs, lightly brushing against her entrance. Lena let out a ragged gasp. Yulia bent her head close to Lena’s thigh, catching her scent. Yulia loved the perfume Lena used, and that combined with her own special scent made Yulia aroused, yet she was more turned on by the erotic sight of Lena: the glistening beads caressing the lips of her sex and her face twisted in pleasure while her breasts rose and fell with each shuddering breath.
Yulia urged Lena’s legs open again and slowly slid the beaded necklace over Lena’s clit, making her quiver. Lena jerked against the slithering kiss of the beads as Yulia again drew the strand over her heated flesh. Lena opened her eyes to watch when Yulia stopped, looking puzzled as Yulia paused to twine one end of the necklace around her middle finger. Lena tried not to moan at the searing jolt as Yulia manipulated a bead between the moist lips of Lena’s center. Yulia pushed another sphere upward past Lena’s slick, velvety folds and the pulsing between her legs was intense, her senses inflamed.
“How does this feel?” Yulia inquired in a husky voice, inserting more beads deep inside of Lena. Lena shuddered with delight, she was much too aroused to answer. She felt the cool metal warming within her body, felt her inner muscles clench around the balls inside of her. Yulia slowly made Lena absorb the rest of the necklace.
“Lena remained dangerously still when Yulia had finished stuffing the beads inside of her, for the slightest motion stirred the lodges spheres. Lena was fortunate she was laying down, for Yulia started removing the knobby beads with purposeful, agonizing slowness, withdrawing them one at a time, each bead clanging against the others as they were struggled to get free.
The vibrations strummed through Lena as each sphere popped free; every intimate caress was maddening. Every nerve in Lena’s body was focused on the arousing slides of the beads inside of her.
“You’re hot, aren’t you?” Yulia whispered in Lena’s ear, arousing her further. Yulia knew exactly what got Lena off. And whispering silently into her ear was one the many ways. Yulia’s hot breath flooded across Lena’s cheeks as she spoke again. “But I bet I can make you burn hotter.” Yulia taunted, tracing her lips back down Lena’s body. Lena was already burning. Excitement tormented Lena’s body, making her limbs shake in pleasure.
Yulia’s head was poised between Lena’s legs now, the heat of her breath searing Lena’s delicate flesh. With delicacy, Yulia drug her tongue over the bud of Lena’s sex as she pulled another sphere.
It was pleasurable agony. The slow drag of the necklace against Lena’s moist, sensitive skin. The languid strokes of Yulia’s tongue.
The sensations were overwhelming.
Yulia’s lips burned white-hot against Lena as another bead came loose. Lena whimpered at the overpowering pleasure, while her pelvis surged forward to meet ravishing tongue. Yulia’s tongue played over Lena’s clit, while the beads continued to give way. Lena arched her back from to staggering pleasure.
“You’re about to come, aren’t you?” Yulia prodded. Lena was panting heavily, unable to reply, sweat rolling down her brow and back.
“Are you ready to come, Lenochka?” Yulia urged again. She wanted Lena to lose control, to be completely submissive. “You sound ready.” Yulia continued.
Lena cried out, the pleasure was too much to bear. She was only seconds from exploding when Yulia stopped tugging at the beads and retreated from Lena’s body entirely. Yulia licked her lips slowly, watching the flustered Lena, bubbling almost over the edge.
Lena cursed Yulia when she realized what she was planning on doing. Yulia was going to leave her on the edge, every breath and move further disturbing the beads in her and on her lips. Not only that, but what Yulia did next nearly made Lena shout at her. Yulia took her own hands and traced them on her own body, leaving Lena to watch helplessly, only seconds from boiling over.
Yulia started at her neck, running her hands down the sides of her neck to stop and trace her fingertips across her collarbone, closing her eyes and rolling her head backwards as she did so. The reaction she got from Lena was exactly what she had hoped for; Lena’s craving to touch Yulia and be touched made her pant harder, making the beads further stimulate Lena.
Yulia let a taunting moan escape her slightly parted lips as she slid her hands further down, cupping her breasts and teasing her tan nipples with her thumbs, pulling and tugging at them until they peaked. Yulia moaned and cried Lena’s name, not because of any pleasure, but to torture the bound Lena further.
Yulia was truly skillful in seduction, Lena quickly learned from the way merely wanting to replace Yulia’s hands with her own made her slicker in her own juices. Yulia then wiped her finger on Lena’s moist folds and brought it up to her own lips to taste her.
“Mmm. You taste so good...” Yulia teasingly moaned, rubbing the taste off on her lips, then she leaned far forward over Lena and kissed her, letting Lena taste herself in the process. Yulia leaned back too soon for Lena back to her original position and resumed tugging on her erect nipples with her fingers. Lena licked her lips and let her head fall backwards in ecstasy, her eyelids fluttering, her head falling to the side.
“Ah-ah.” Yulia warned. “Keep your eyes open and watching me. I assure that you won’t want to miss out on any of this.” Lena obeyed, for she knew Yulia would keep her bounded longer if she didn’t; and Lena wanted to touch Yulia so very badly at this point. Lena’s breath caught as Yulia slid her hand down her own body further, twirling a finger in the dark curls between her legs, then going slowly further down to caress the nub of her sex harshly. Yulia threw her head back and moaned loudly. Yulia heard Lena stifle a moan as she watched Yulia masturbate.
“Don’t hold back, Lena.” Yulia panted, still circling her sensitive area. “I know you want...to do this to me...to rub me just the right way...’til I’m sweating and screaming your name,” Yulia threw her head back, curled the sheets in her hand as it clenched into a fist and jolted her hips upward violently as she growled Lena’s name. Lena’s hips writhed, sending a jolt of pleasure through her when the beads readjusted themselves inside of her. “You want to sink your fingers deep into me...thrusting in and out...while my nails bite into your burning skin.” Yulia then slid two fingers into herself and started shoving them in and out vigorously and, using her other hand, touched her own side and tore her fingernails across her stomach, leaving five white lines which faded to a bright red in seconds.
Lena started moaning involuntarily at Yulia’s display and lifted her pelvis off the bed as a climax was coming. Yulia was absolutely right. Lena wanted to have Yulia in her arms, at her mercy again with Yulia clutching at her skin as Lena pleasured her.
Yulia noticed Lena’s coming orgasm and bent forward over her, grabbing the bead necklace jutting out of Lena’s swollen lips. She tugged lightly on the necklace. A third of the necklace was still inside her Yulia figured out as she pushed one of Yulia’s pale thighs open wide. Yulia smiled wickedly as she chuckled at Lena, then she ripped the rest of the necklace out of Lena in a split second.
“YULIA!!” Lena screamed as her hips bucked wildly off the bed. The immense tidal wave of pleasure that consumed Lena at that point left her as rapidly as it came, leaving her feeling unsatisfied, taking shattered breaths and trembling in every part of her body. To Lena’s pleasure, Yulia wasn’t finished yet; she parted Lena’s legs, bent her head to Lena’s moist, trembling center, and plunged her tongue as deep as she could into Lena’s sleek, velvety sheath.
Lena raised her hips into Yulia’s greedy mouth as another climax sent her screaming Yulia’s name again.
Lena fell against the bed, exhausted, Yulia’s tongue still teasing her. Lena licked her lips, closed her eyes, and remained violently still, focusing on the sensational texture of Yulia’s tongue on her heated flesh. A low groan emitted from the back of Lena’s throat as Yulia explored.
Yulia pulled her head up and crawled on top of Lena. Yulia brushed her lips on Lena’s neck and whispered sweet nothings into her ear as she slid her fingers across Lena’s smooth skin. Yulia covered Lena’s hand with her own.
“Do you give up?” Yulia whispered against Lena’s cheek.


“N...no...” Lena answered, still breathing heavily. Yulia smiled.
“Then I haven’t fulfilled my job.” Yulia replied, pushing herself up. Yulia stuck a finger inside herself and when she pulled it back out, it was drenched in her own juices. She brought her finger up to her nose and caught her scent. After sampling it, Yulia brought her finger under Lena’s nose and let it linger. “I smell pretty good, what do you think, my sweet Lenochka?” Lena was silent, but she tilted her chin slightly to flick out her tongue across Yulia’s finger. Yulia pushed her finger closer to Lena’s lips, letting Lena suck on it as she pleased all the while with a perfectly obscene licking sound.
Without warning, Yulia firmly planted three fingers inside of Lena’s moist center. Lena was caught off guard and accidentally bit Yulia’s finger, causing Yulia to quickly retreat her finger. Yulia stopped fingering Lena and drug her lips on her inner thigh with deliberate sluggishness, picked her lips up off her skin to move to the other leg and resumed.
Lena was getting irritated at Yulia now, she needed to cum. Now.
“You better fuckin’ suck em off right now, Yuli.” Lena demanded. Yulia loved that nickname and the tone of voice Lena used whenever she got irritated. As much as Yulia wanted to hear Lena ask again, she wasn’t going to dare make her wait any longer...
OK, maybe just a little longer.
“You mean like this?” Yulia asked in an innocent voice. Yulia found Lena’s clit with her tongue and gave it a good, hard suck before pulling her head backwards until Lena’s clit popped free from her mouth. Yulia quickly looked up at Lena as her eyes shut and her head fell backward.
“Oh my god, yes...” Lena half groaned, half whispered.
“Are you sure?” Yulia hissed, caressing Lena’s swollen lips with her fingers. Lena didn’t answer that time, instead she bucked her hips forward slightly to linger directly below Yulia’s lips. Yulia grinned, Lena was right where she would like her to be now. She decided to unravel Lena’s hands from the bed posts now just so she could let Lena feel her as she worked. Yulia then reached her arms under Lena’s legs, one pulling her leg apart and the other on her hip, pulling it towards her mouth.
Yulia buried her face between Lena’s legs, sucking and licking as vigorously as she thought she could. She was interrupted when Lena pulled back on Yulia’s short black hair to lock eyes with her. Lena’s eyes were full of ecstasy, her cheeks flushed, her lips a deep red. Lena looked like pleasure incarnate Yulia thought, feeling her groin twinge form the mere sight of the aroused Lena.
“Suck me again.” Lena barked, letting go of Yulia’s hair, “Like you did before...” Yulia brought the arm holding Lena’s leg around to push the hood of Lena’s clit up to expose it. Yulia crushed her lips against Lena’s engorged clit and nibbled, twisted, sucked-anything to bring her off. And it seemed to work. As Yulia started to suck as hard she could without making an embarrassing I’m-eating-Jell-O noise, Lena’s hips started grinding against Yulia’s mouth and she could feel Lena’s body begin to spasm.
Yulia could hardly keep her lips connected with how hard Lena was bucking as she rode out the orgasm. Which was starting to annoy Yulia. She used her free arm to force Lena’s hips to the floor and readjusted herself so that Lena was again held completely helpless from her abdomen on down.
That only seemed to arouse Lena more, for now she moaned wildly into Yulia’s mouth, her hips desperately trying to break free from the direct pleasure, her fingers tightening frantically in Yulia’s hair as she continued the merciless sucking on Lena’s hardened clit.
Lena’s body froze for a few seconds after the last spasm, her head falling backwards slowly until she relaxed against the bed, taking short, broken gasps of air as Yulia finally pried her lips away from Lena’s boiling pussy. Yulia crawled on top of Lena and gazed into her eyes.
“Now do you give up?” Yulia asked the panting Lena. Lena licked her lips and her exhale was increasingly shattered.
“Yes...” Lena finally groaned. Yulia planted a soft kiss on Lena’s lips as she took Lena’s hands in her own. Rubbing her cheek on Lena’s, Yulia embraced Lena in a warm hug.
“Ya tebya lyublu.” Yulia said. Lena traced invisible lines down Yulia’s back with her fingers.
“I love you, too.”


Well, here it is. sorry it took so long. Have fun with it...


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this fanfic could be against the law!!!"If a churchman thinks you're a pervert, you've done something right!"

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w00t. More fanfiction! This one is getting somewhere...I'll have to write the rest later. But I promise I won't dissapoint. :D


I knew I was in trouble. In one of those troubles where I get a good disobedience lesson that normally includes me on all fours. That kind of trouble. I noticed that look Lena had. That same look that’s always in her eyes when I have something coming to me.

It started at our concert one day and Lena was just oozing sex. That look in her eye. The way she smirked whenever she saw me watching her cause she knows something I don’t. As the solo for “All The Things She Said” started playing, her lips were on mine, her body colliding into mine as she rubs her large breasts against my smaller ones and I notice she’s not wearing a bra. Hello. Her lips are all over mine and I can tell already by how she moans into my mouth until she has to reluctantly pull away--I’m getting fucked tonight.

I get excited when I hear the beginning of Prostie Dvizhenia pumping through the speakers. I look to Lena and she isn’t watching me but she is just as excited as I am because she knows what this song means. I’m altogether wanting to be alone with her and do this at the same time, but prolonging it will make it all the better. I carefully bend down to stand on my knees and then my hand slips down the inside of the front of my pants. I sit back on my feet so I can easily stand back on my knees if I need to. I can tell Lena is watching me now even though my face is towards the crowd.

“Ya prodolzhayu prostie dvizhenia...Ty prodolzhaesh moi prodolzhen’ya” Lena sings. I lick my lips as my hand finds my moist center. I’m surprised to find it already wet as I raise the microphone to my lips.

“Ya eto ti, a ti eto ya. I ya povtoryayu” My mouth is now open, my breathing is starting to get uneven. I move my hips forward slightly as I start getting uncomfortable.

“Ya provtoryayu.” Lena wants me now. I can already tell.

“Holchesh’ - molchi” My fingers stroke over my engorged sex.

“Zhdi chto proidyot. A hochesh’ ” My hips surge forward as I raise my butt off the ground, “klyuchi-” Lena’s voice is getting husky. I’m definitely in for something tonight and I can’t wait. My abs contract as my fingers play over my moist folds and I think about what she’s going to do to me.

“Dva obarata.” I’m almost late in singing my line.

“Hochesh’ svoya, hochesh chuzhaya” Lena’s voice starts getting louder as the chorus approaches.

“Hochesh’ kak ya’-” I go forward until I’m back on my knees then fall back on my feet again, “I ya prodolzhayu!” I’m up on my knees again as my fingers tease my clit.

“Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu.” I get up on my knees so I can sink a finger into myself, “Prostie dvizhenia,” I pump my finger in and out of me slowly so no one can tell that I’m really fingering myself, “prostie dvizhenia, prostie dvizhenia,” I’m so close but the chorus is almost over and still have the rest of the song to go through before I can be too exhausted, “prostie dvizhenia.” I quickly retreat the finger and return to sitting on my feet.

“My prodolzhaem prostie dvizhenia. Unichtozhaem, kak porazhenie. -Gde-to nahodish,’ gde-to teryaesh.’ Ya povtorayayu, ty povtoryaesh’.” Lena sings and I’m glad she has the whole verse because now I can focus on the pleasure for a few seconds until it’s my turn to sing. I hold the microphone up to my mouth and take a breath.

“Eto lyubov,’ skachut pruzhinki. Zavtra lyuboi men’she snezhinki. Nado uspet,’ nevozrazhaya. Nado umet’.” I’m so close, I can feel the tingling building up in my tiny clit and spreading to the rest of my body.

“Zhit prodolzhaya.” Lena and I both sing the line and I’m back on my knees. “Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia, ya prodolzhayu. Prostie dvizhenia… Prostie dvizhenia. Prostie dvizhenia. Prostie dvizhenia. Prostie dvizhenia.” The music gets soft and quiet as I start panting into the microphone and rub my clit harder until I start to feel the tingling feeling build up. Lena approaches me from behind and as I’m about to come, she runs her fingers over my shoulders. And then a wave of pleasure crashes through me and I hold the microphone a few inches away from my mouth to avoid moaning into it. After I let out the shuddering breath that I’m supposed to do at that part of the song, I pull my hand out of my pants, stand up--wobbling a little--and join Lena on the stage. Throughout the rest of the song of just a repeated chorus, neither of us can keep our eyes off each other. Because our blood is pumping fast and we both know what’s going to happen after the show.


The concert ends as the crowd’s applause echoes throughout the stadium and we walk offstage hand in hand. We’re the first ones in the bus and now we can’t keep our hands off each other, stroking our bodies in anticipation all the while kissing in an eager fashion. We’d be ripping our clothes off by now if it weren’t for the fact that the rest of the band had to cram in the back with us.

I penetrate Lena’s mouth with my tongue as my hand slides up her back and over her shoulder to her front. My hand travels down Lena’s chest, stopping to caress her firm breasts, then keeps going down and start to go under the fabric of her thin cotton shirt when I hear a click. I retreat completely from Lena’s body as the door to the bus is flung open and our band mates stand in front of the bus, obviously trying to sneak a peek at us in action, but we’re already used to that old routine and just sit there with innocent smiles and big eyes looking at them. They load up all their stuff and while none of them are looking, my hand finds Lena’s crouch over her pants and leaves soon afterward, making Lena tense up and glare at me. In a split second, her arms are on my wrists and I’m pinned to the seat with her hips holding me down.

She leans in towards me ear. “You better not try that again.” She whispers threateningly and I can feel her hot breath and it makes me shiver. Her rough tone is makes me whimper and moan at the same time. Yes ma’am--I want to say, but I keep quiet. She lets me go probably only because Troy is now entering the bus and giving us a look.

The rest of the trip back I just get hornier and hornier and Lena is looking more lustful by the second. I breathe a sigh of relief as the bus pulls into the hotel parking lot where we’re staying. Lena is the first one out of the van once it reaches a stop and I soon follow her. Lena’s hand takes mine and she tugs on my arm impatiently. I oblige and follow her for a few steps, but then stopped just to tease Lena. She turns and glares at me and she doesn't even have to open her mouth to inform me that bad things will happen if I do that again. Unfortunately, that sounded very tempting - so now, here I am, tied to the bed posts in a slightly uncomfortable standing position with a tie from our outfits wrapped around my eyes.