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19-08-2006, 23:35
....Do you remember of Dave stewart ? Yes of course... It's the tatu producer for DAM!
....Do you remember of 'the lovemakers remix' on All about us ?
Today, I have found in a french shop the CD "Times of romance" by the Lovemakers group... and product by Dave stewart himself !
It's fucking great... between Pop, rock and electro ! Moreover some songs looks as the tATu sound...!


* 1. Prepare For The Fight
* 2. Is It Alright ?
* 3. Dance
* 4. Shake That Ass
* 5. Set Me Free
* 6. Falling Appart
* 7. Gonna Find
* 8. Times Of Romance
* 9. We Should Be Taking Our Clothes
* 10. Hypnotised
* 11. Runaway
* 12. Fashion
* 13. Prepare For The Fight - Dummies Club Mix Edit
* 14. Internet girlfriend (International bonus track)

I have uploaded it here : http://desperate.fans.free.fr/Lovemakers/
I'll delete it in some days !

I love 'shake that ass' and 'gonna find' !!

the unforgiven
19-08-2006, 23:38
Simon, I love this band !! thanks for posting
"shake that ass" is so cool ... btw, I think we should be taking our clothes off ... :p

19-08-2006, 23:39
Thanks Simon! :heart:

20-08-2006, 00:15
Btw, The remix (track 13) is by Dave aude.

'Shake that ass' video : http://www.thelovemakers.com/video/shakethatass_lg.mov

Sean Jon
20-08-2006, 01:29
I've had this band for a few years now and I got the album maybe a year ago and it's pretty good. It would be better if the vocals were different but it's pretty electro-rock.

the unforgiven
20-08-2006, 10:41
I love the "shake that ass" video, I find it a lil' bit funny cuz' the singers are not pretty good at dancing lol
Babou mon poussinou, would mind making a remake of this video with me? I'll play the girl with tongue piercing hehehe :p thanks for posting

22-08-2006, 20:36
they sound pretty good. Prepare for the Fight is great. Thanks so much! :)