View Full Version : UK Big Brother 7 Finale

Sean Jon
18-08-2006, 16:38
The time has come! After 93 days and tons of evictions, it's down to 3 girl housemates and 3 guy housemates.


I am anxious to see who will win. I voted for Pete and he seems to be the favourite at the moment, although, Aisleyne is starting to come up next to him. Here's how I think it will go down. In order from 6-1, 6 will leave first then 1 will be the winner, in order.

6] Jennie
5] Richard
4] Nikki
3] Glyn
2] Aislyene
1] Pete

There are always twists so we'll see what happens tonight starting at 8 PM on Channel 4.


18-08-2006, 22:44
No idea what happened as I was at the pub, but there's just something about Aisleyne. She would be *gorgeous* if she had short hair. :dead:

Sean Jon
19-08-2006, 15:02
And the winners are...

6. Jennie
5. Richard
4. Nikki
3. Aisleyne
2. Glyn

1. Pete



(Just how I predicted)