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13-08-2006, 05:40
Looks like Mr. Timberlake wants to bring "sexy back". I can't say I'm a fan of this song although the hook is catchy and I am loving his new look.:p He is trying to create this sexy image for himself that he doesn't need. He was sexy before this song in my opinion. His first album was great. What do you all think about his last album? And what about this new song?

13-08-2006, 12:59
Even I can admit Justin is the hottest guy in the world.. I love his new single, even though I had to get used to it at first.. His album isn't even out yet so there's nothing to think of that yet..

13-08-2006, 13:50
I really don't like him. His music makes me sick. Oh well, that is just my opinion :bum:

13-08-2006, 14:11
Justin Timberlake is a prat.

13-08-2006, 14:40
Justin Timberlake is a prat.

LOL well said! :laugh: I can't stand the guy, and from what I've heard his music is just...boring :none:

the unforgiven
13-08-2006, 14:43
LMAO I just read this thread while listening to french radio and guess who is on air right now?
Justiiiiiiin lol
it's the first time I'm listening his song ... a little boring but I guess it's good for partying and dancing like a slut hehe ;)

23-08-2006, 14:29
when i wasnt able to go on the net i watched tv a lot and i watched most of the new videos.one of my favourites is sexyback,its catchy and i admit its quite embrassing to listen to it.and i think its a little bit similar like my real fav song nelly furtado's promicuous.and the producer is the same,sounds go similar too.no special thing indeed.

29-08-2006, 22:32
Justin Timberlake - Futuresex.LoveSounds - 2006 - New album

1. FutureSex/ LoveSounds
2. SexyBack Ft. Timbaland
3. Sexy Ladies/ Let Me Talk To You Prelude
4. My Love Ft. T.I.
5. LoveStoned/ I Think She Knows Interlude
6. What Goes Around.../...Comes Around Interlude
7. Chop Me Up Ft. Timbaland & Three 6 Mafia
8. Damn Girl Ft. Will.i.am
9. Summer Love/Set The Mood Prelude
10. Until The End Of Time Ft. The Benjamin Wright Orchestra
11. Losing My Way
12. (Another Song) All Over Again
13. Pose Ft. Snoop Dogg

http://rapidshare.de/files/30782401/Justin_Timberlake_-_Futuresex.LoveSounds.rar.html - 91 Mb


30-08-2006, 02:16
thanx but the password plz ?

30-08-2006, 17:29
I think he thinks he's black :rolleyes:

30-08-2006, 18:11
I think he thinks he's black

LOL definitely! I wonder if he realises how stupid he looks :laugh:

30-08-2006, 19:36
I love Justin and his voice and songs!! Future Sex/Love Sounds are grat album!! The best on this year!

31-08-2006, 01:07
justin timber what??... ahh.. is the britney´s exboyfriend!.. :rolleyes: i prefer change my chanel...:p

31-08-2006, 01:49
i prefer change my chanel...:pThat makes two of us!

He's a big-headed loser :yes:

05-09-2006, 23:35
thanx but the password plz ?
I'm sorry!;)

password: www.rapgodfathers.com

06-09-2006, 03:36
I'm sorry!;)

password: www.rapgodfathers.com

Thanks...the album is pretty good

08-09-2006, 16:40
Two bonus tracks from limit edition :

Justin Timberlake - Floatin' (feat. Charlie Wilson & Will I Am)


Justin Timberlake - Sexyback (remix)(feat. Cory Gunz)


Forgive me fans, I don't like Justin's voice , but I adore the music from Sexyback. Timbaland is a simply genius.Heavy, knocking rhythms - they are magnificent !


Sean Jon
09-09-2006, 00:27
Oh the things I would do to him...

09-09-2006, 00:31
Sean, I'm thinking about all the things (she said LOOOOL) I'd like to do to him too, but I'm sure they are very different thoughts :p

*dreams of torturing him* :coctail:

09-09-2006, 00:33
shit does he even have his own style of music?do what is popular at that age,hang out with Will i am and nelly furtado and get a number 1 hit in both sides of the atlantic.thats just not fair

20-09-2006, 05:06
i love his new music ... sexy back and my love are amazing

01-10-2006, 19:13
My favorite mix for SexyBack by Peter Rauhofer

SexyBack (Peter Rauhofer Mix)


26-11-2006, 11:05
'My Love' single is good one, but Sexy Back is more action))

So I hope he'll make new video as action.