View Full Version : ThatLady's "My Emo Doll"

23-07-2006, 21:56
Well, I'm trying my best, no ideas so far o.O This is one I came up with about two days ago and I figure its really cute ^__^ I hope you like it as much as me :blabla: lol, Thank you for your comments so far -^__^-


23-07-2006, 22:05
That is so cute! I love your style! :gigi:

23-07-2006, 22:18
Oh my god, that's so sad :(:(
But I absolutely love it! Such a cute style. :D

I love the lips, they're like.. you know, like... when you... sew things together... haha

24-07-2006, 05:32
that isn't cute but funny
that made smile good idea for making this pic :) your good i didn't like the lips but i like the eyes:bum: ;)