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20-07-2006, 00:03
Today, we are celebrating 5 years of TatySite.net!

Thanks to all of you from Igor and me! (http://forum.tatysite.net/showthread.php?p=308353#post308353)

:rose: :rose: :rose:

20-07-2006, 00:10
Oh my gosh oh my gosh! *excited like a schoolgirl*
Tatysite has indeed come a long way! And all thanks to everybody who has helped to start it, and to keep it going... :) Many thanks to you forre, Igor (are there any other admins?), all the moderators, and of course alllll the lovely members we have here! :) It's great to be able to come to a place where we can all talk about anything, and share a common interest (or past interest)! :D

Here's for another year! :coctail:

20-07-2006, 00:11
*WOOOOOW* Cheers Sunshines :love:

Thx for all admins, mods and all members :love:

Here's for another year!

For another 5 years :D

20-07-2006, 00:19

20-07-2006, 00:23
Congratulations, TatySite!!! :coctail:

Sean Jon
20-07-2006, 00:27
That's fantastic! I'm glad I could be there for half of it at least. Impressive for those who were here for 5 years. Also, congratulations to Igor whose made Tatysite like a second home to many members. (As well as uniting some ;) )

20-07-2006, 00:29
Thanks a lot Igor and everybody else in charge of this site for keeping it up and running for so long. :coctail: Half a decade, that's quite an achievement in the world wide web. :coctail:

I've already said it, for me this forum is like going to a local cafe where you can hang out with familiar faces and talk about nothing and everything, the topic of the forum has become secundary, what's important is the people and i wouldn't go anywhere else since those people are not there. :D
So cheers to all the great members that make this forum what it is. :coctail:

20-07-2006, 01:10
Happy birthday tatysite! :love:

This is my 2nd home, you all know I *totally* love it! Well, I do seem to spend a lot of my life here :rolleyes:

Big thanks to everyone, especially Igor & Olga. You two TOTALLY rock!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

Paulo Volkova
20-07-2006, 01:14
Happy birthday tatysite!!!


20-07-2006, 01:23
Nice place , great people !
I'm glad to be here :)


20-07-2006, 06:53
Congratulations and happy birthday. :coctail: I'm here for a short time but I'm very happy about it.

20-07-2006, 07:13
Happy BDAy :coctail:

20-07-2006, 07:14
i havent been here long, but i want to thank everybody for being so nice and understanding, and mostly welcoming! :Rose:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATYSITE!!!!!!!!! :coctail: thankyou Igor and Olga :heart: love ya long time people :kwink:

20-07-2006, 11:15
Happy birthday Tatysite! :D

It was (and of course still is) the best tatu-related forum around! Here's to 5 more years! :p

20-07-2006, 11:21
I've only been here for a few months now but I absolutely love it and I hope I'll be here in 5 years to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tatysite..

Happy birthday! ;) :coctail:

20-07-2006, 20:32
:rose:HAPPY BIRTHDAY TatySite.net !:rose:

20-07-2006, 21:15
I knew by default that I should visit the forum today of all days.. :D

Happy 5 years everybody.. though I haven't been here since the very beginning I surely have enjoyed my stay so far. Ups and downs, good times and bad times - here is for 5 more years :coctail:

20-07-2006, 21:32
Wow, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tatysite.net Forum! That is awesome and as said already quite an achievement. Thanks guys for being here and a big thank you to all the members, moderators and administrators. And a warm hug for Igor & forre for doing such a great job over the years. You are all fantastic! Keep it up! :rose:

20-07-2006, 21:38
5 years! :eek: Impressive :yes:

Thanks to all the administrators and moderators for keeping the site great as it is, and to all the members for turning it into a friendly place! :)

I've only been here for 2 months, but still, this is the forum (er, actually the first non Harry Potter-related forum.. but yeah :rolleyes:) in which I've posted the most, ever ^^
It was a pity not having walked across this forum a bit earlier... like.. in 2003 or something :)

Anyway, for 5 more years! :coctail:

20-07-2006, 21:52
Happy Birthday tATysite.net :heh:

20-07-2006, 22:02
Happy birthday, dear TatySite.net!

Many thanks to all the people who make this nice place on the internet up and running :rose:

20-07-2006, 22:11
Happy birthday Tatysite! :coctail: I've only been here for a few months, but I really love it! I've never come across such a friendly, open-minded load of people. I wish I had joined earlier, I feel like I've missed out on so much by not being here, so may there be much more to come! A huge thanks to everyone who makes tatysite what it is! :D

21-07-2006, 14:23
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TatySite.net:coctail:

21-07-2006, 15:08
Wow, 5 years are sooooooooooo long! Anyway, Happy Birthday TatySite.net! In the first place thanks to our sweethearts forre & Igor for doing such a great job every day! I have to say that I'm on quite a lot forums but this one is surely one of the best one. Really good atmosphere and nice members! So, Congratulations!

21-07-2006, 18:29
happy birthday tatysite.net :coctail:

21-07-2006, 20:15
happy birthday other home :)

:rose::rose: for our forre and igor for bringing it to life and providing all of tatysite members with a very special home on the www

here is to many many more years of lively discussion, with wonderfully friendly and helpful interesting people :coctail:

24-07-2006, 21:59
Congratulations tatysite.net... (yes, yes I know... a bit late but what do you want? I arrived here 4 years late... what about 4 days late...it´s nothing, isnt it?...)

And thanks to all of you that make it possible... :epopcorn:

11-08-2006, 20:12
CONGRATS!!!!,, tatysite,,, *a bit late*,,, after some months here i've realized it's a great place,,, even if I haven't got time to be all the time here so lately,,,,,, take care everybody.... vanik, QueenBee, robbie, katoren, DJ_Volk, Winkie, Haku, Rachel, and everybody here.....

12-08-2006, 11:09
This place is getting so old! I never check back enough and I miss out on everything, hahaha. Congrats everyone! I'm glad this place still rocks after 5 years.