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12-06-2006, 16:08
Im bored and finding any excuse not to do my revision so i decided to make this thread!.:)
Im known by people to be a little prankster..always pulling pranks.. basicallly tell us what great pranks you pulled off and the next person gives a vote out of 10 (being the highest) on how good that prank was, they then of course say a their prank..get my drift?

i'll start;

It was a science lesson with a teacher who i despised su much, and he hated me equally, so i decided that i should try and mess with his head a little, so me and my friens Carly went up and asked him if we could leave the lesson 20 minutes early,(thinking we'll never get away with it), because we had cheerleading practice, obviously not true as cheerleading doesnt even occur at our school,..but he let us go..then i was stuck..i didnt count on that happening so i had to wait in the toilets for my friends whildt Carly went home on the bus..
The next mourning, my friend Charlotte came up to me and explained that she belived us when we said about the cheerlleading practice,so she went down to the PE department (sports) and asked, in front of all the sports teachers, if she could tryout for the cheerleading team, biiiiiggg awkward pause, and a lot of puzzled faces, and she realised that what i said wasnt true. She apologised and ran off..LOL
ended up hitting two birds with one stone :p

14-08-2006, 01:24
In our school library we have a book theft dector. A friend of mine walked away for a second so i got a book off the shelf and threw it in his bookbag, so when he walked out it set off the alarm.

14-08-2006, 02:01
Hmm...In 8th grade a couple friends of mine and I were passing notes to eachother and one of them sat at a different table then me and the other girl were at and we got away with passing the note back and forth between tables for awhile. But after a few minutes the teacher saw us and told us to stop it. We stopped for a second, then I thought of an idea - I banged my knuckles on the underside of the table and yelled to the teacher "Hey, Mr. Newman, there's someone at the door!" and as he got up and looked out the window of his door, I passed the note to the other table real quick...

Not a great prank, but that's one of the only one I could think of right away...That and when my friend Lauren and I spit in Mr. Newman's coffee once...Or when I shot Mr. Newman in the face with a rubber band (<--didn't get caught for that one). Or when I asked Mr. Newman if he was abused as a child right after he had given me a lecture. Or the time when I pretended to make out with Lauren infront of her boyfriend. Or when Lauren and I dressed up in fat suits and pushed eachother in baby strollers down the street. Or when my friend Anna and I pretended to make out on the side of a street when cars passed by...

Yeah...I've got alot of fun stories...