View Full Version : URGENT!!!!!!! Help, I need some Russian that can speak English! It's a school contest

06-06-2006, 13:30
right now
I am from Brazil.
My daughter's school is in the 10th position in a Contest among 150 schools in the country, the winner school will win a big prize in money.
And all they need now is:
listen to a short file , its an enigma they speak in Russian in a mp3 file ( that I could send somehow ( has only 82,3 KB ) and translate it to me in English.
Then I would translate to Portuguese and they can win win the task !!!!!!!!!!
Please!!!!!!!!! CONTACT ME, I AM HERE ONLINE!!!!!!!

06-06-2006, 13:52
I put the mp3 file in my website


click here and listen to the guy talking and please, I need a translation to English!

06-06-2006, 13:55
If you can understand what he says, please, write the words in English right here
We and all the teens of the whole school are waiting.
Russia: You are our last hope.

06-06-2006, 13:57
I think he said: (ryba) fish, (wada) water, ..., (kuchnia) kitchen.

Feel free to correct me. :)

06-06-2006, 14:02
thannnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkks.................I will tell them.............and wait a bit more, just in case...........
Hope you are right

yes, you are right, Robbie
you are great!............ :) :) :)

thank you very much and I apologize for all the scandal

06-06-2006, 14:04
Brazilady, but I don't know what means third word. :)

06-06-2006, 14:09
darn....................another school got it first.
thanks anyway.
Such is life

06-06-2006, 14:09
fish, water, sugar, kitchen

06-06-2006, 14:16
thanks Igor..........
I can't understand how other school was faster....
they could not use dictionary or leave the school.
hugs all and thanks for helping

06-06-2006, 17:08
I understood all except the third. :p

07-06-2006, 00:42
:rolleyes: ha ha ,,, I also need some help in homework.....´´´

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