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Sean Jon
17-05-2006, 23:53
I've been pissed off lately. All of the sudden, only 4 and half years after the terrible day, 3 movies, new caps, pictures, stories and new on how the US has to watch their backs have been reported throughout the World but mainly the US.

As a victem of 9/11/2001 (my Mother lost her life), I think it is way too soon and so unessicary. They give no recognition to the families and victems, just what the press wants. They're projecting 9/11 as a way to make money.

There are 3 movies about 9/11 already. One called Flight 93, a TV Movie about the people on Flight 93 who beat the terrorists and came out has heroes. Another is called United 93 which is the same story. Now, in August they're showing an Oliver Stone movie with Nicholas Cage titled World Trade Center. I saw United 93 and it was devistating and excellent but all those movies are way too soon. And no matter what they say, the movies are created for money income, not 'in honor of those who lost their lives'.

Next is the constant news coverage. They continue to play the terrible over and over again. They show people jumping out of the buildings over and over again. They show people crying over and over again. Now, they have 'NEW EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE' of the Pentagon being crashed in to. It's enough. If they want to show it they should just show it to show the brave and courageous people and what they did and who they were.

I'm getting fed up with it. The worst part was actually recently. I was at school and I got a call from the Head Master on the PA System asking me to come down. There she was sitting with a man next to her. She said to me "Jon (Sean's my nickname, Jon is my real name in case you didn't know), this is Mr. Hubber. He works for The Times and wants to have a word with you about your great loss." I flipped out. I stormed out I couldn't even tell you how mad I was.

What are you views on all of this? You've heard my romp.
United 93 Trailer (http://imdb.com/rg/TITLETRA_CLICK_SCRPLY/wmp-300k/title/tt0475276/trailers-screenplay-E27051-10-2)
World Trade Center Trailer (http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/wtc/medium.html)

18-05-2006, 00:01
As far as the films go, yes, that is most definately about money.

I dunno about press coverage though. I think whatever they do they are gonna be critisized. If they don't shown anything people are gonna be like "how can you just forget about it?!" But I also greatly understand your point of view and can't even begin to understand how painful it must be for you to be constantly reminded what happened. :(

And OMG I can't believe what your head master did! That is such an invasion of privacy! :(

18-05-2006, 04:20
it is about money but the 9-11 event is a risky area to cover because of how sensitive people are these days. there has been few films regarding the events and even people out to make money off a national tragedy do not swarm to cover this one.

18-05-2006, 10:10
It'd be a bit better if half of the profits went to victims themselves. Maybe they'll still do that?

As far as the movies are concerned... it's a neccesary evil. I was convinced some will start springing up in the summer of 2002 even. They started making rambo-style movies about the war in Bosnia less than 2 years after it finished, while thousands of people were still homeless or otherwise affected by the violence. They're probably rushing to make it while people's memories of the events are still vivid. A movie about the war in Korea or Vietnam just wouldn't have the same effect on today's audiance as a 9/11 movie would, when consequences are still being felt.