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Life In Technicolor
15-05-2006, 11:45
Boris Grebenshikov is the leader of the famous group "Aquarium". In 1989 he has releazed in USA an album " Radio Silence " produced by Dave Stewart (DaveStewart is author of "Friend or Foe" t. A.T.u).
Songs from this disk. http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1989_Radio_Silence/03.mp3 The Wind

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1989_Radio_Silence/08.mp3 Fields Of My Love

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1989_Radio_Silence/01.mp3 Radio Silens

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1989_Radio_Silence/09.mp3 Dath of King Arthur

The song "Radio Silence" was in top billboard USA height - 20 (as single)

In Russia the song "Город" (City) is very popular. Here link:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1986_10_strel/16%20Track.mp3 Город (in Russian)

Other songs:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1992_Russiah_album/Track08.mp3 Кони беспредела (The Mares Of Reckless Abandon)

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1992_Russiah_album/Track05.mp3 Волки и вороны (Wolves and ravens)

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1992_Russiah_album/Track04.mp3 Ласточка (Little Swallow)

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1995_Navigator/06%20Track.mp3 Самый Быстрый Самолет (The Fastest Plane On Earth)

Last four tracks it's the mystical Russian folk-rock.
P.S. Boris itself has written songs in English. Dave Stewart was also the musician on an album Radio Silence, he played on a guitar and other instruments. The last 4 tracks are taken from CD " Russian Album " and CD "Navigator".

15-05-2006, 15:20
Thanks for the MP3's :coctail:. I really like what I've heard of Aquarium :).

Goes off to download ...

Has anyone got any Mashina Vremeni MP3's ?

15-05-2006, 20:12
Thank you Trivimi, for these really interesting songs. As a fanatic of plucked instruments I especially enjoyed "Koni bespredela" and "Volki i vorony", and Boris has an expressive voice.

Life In Technicolor
16-05-2006, 09:32
Some small images:

very young Boris - http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/390/bgba5.jpg
and now our century:

Boris and David Bowie in the restaurant (New York -1988)

B.Grebenshikov in London 1990. Among persons on the photo it is possible to find out: George Harrison (Beatles), Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn (ELO), Baby(?) : http://img144.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc252&image=75296_2.jpg

B.Grebenshikov in London - 2001 with Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox and Ray Cooper ( Boris's birthday):

Life In Technicolor
19-05-2006, 08:39
Again songs in English:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1990_RadioLondon/06_Can'tStopRepeatingYourName.mp3 Сan't Stop repeating Your Name
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1990_RadioLondon/09_UnderTheGoodSon.mp3 Under the good Sun
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1990_RadioLondon/11_TheAngelCalling.mp3 The Angel Calling. The beautiful song!
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1990_RadioLondon/01_UpInSmoke.mp3 Up In A Smoke

And certainly songs in Russian too. I like these songs:

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1983_Radio_Africa/06.mp3 Рок-н-ролл мёртв (Rock-n-roll's Dead) It's already classic song of Russian rock music
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/2002_sestra_chaos/09.mp3 Северный цвет(Northern Color)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1984_Den_serebra/01.mp3 Сидя на красивом холме (Sitting On A Beautiful Hill)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1993_PismaKapitanaVoronina/08_Sirin.mp3 Сирин, Алканост, Гамаюн.
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1995_Navigator/01%20Track.mp3 Голубой огонёк (Small Blue Flame)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1996_Snezhniy_lev/Track07.mp3 Истрибитель (Fighter)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1994_Kostroma_mon_amour/06%20Track.mp3 Kostroma mon amour.
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1994_Kostroma_mon_amour/10%20Track.mp3 Не пей вина Гертруда (Don`t Drink Wine, Gerthrude)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1998_BG_with_DeadUshki/track07.mp3 Сны о чём-то большем (Dreams about what it`s more) - Remix.
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1983_Radio_Africa/02.mp3 Captain Africa (from CD Radio Africa)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1987_assa/07_track.mp3 Город (City) "Gorod" very popular song. In Russia almost all people know this song. (in the first post live version)

and specially for nikki: http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/razbrosannye_veschi/in_round_of_light.mp3 "Mashina vremeni" and B. Grebenshikov sing the song of Mashina vremeni "In the round of Light"
IMHO: it's not the best song of Mashina vremeni .

CD "Radio Silence" mp3 all songs and more... http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/aquarium.ru-albums/radio_silence.htm
If the first link of this post don't work, then other way: http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/aquarium.ru-albums/radio_london.htm mp3-all songs CD "Radio London" in English. There there is the song Can`t stop repeating your name whish I recommend to download.

20-05-2006, 00:00
Thankyou Тривими :) :coctail:

Life In Technicolor
22-05-2006, 08:11
I have not posted in previous posts the link on the site of "Aquarium" in English. Official site of group "Aquarium" : http://www.aquarium-web.com/en/news/index.htm There is мр3 on this site "Zoom, zoom, zoom" - song in style Reggae.

And certainly songs in Russian too. I like these songs:

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3..._Africa/06.mp3 Рок-н-ролл мёртв (Rock-n-roll`s Dead) It's already classic song of Russian rock music
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3...a_chaos/09.mp3 Северный цвет(Northern Color)
In the song " Northern Color " it is possible to hear the rare instrument. It's Armenian musical instrument - Duduk. I know one example when the well-known in the world musician used duduk. Paul McCartney used duduk in song 'Jenny Wrenn' in 2005. "Aquarium" has made it in 2002.

22-05-2006, 23:29
These Russian ballads sound extremely close to the so-called "resistance" Greek music of the 1960's of the 1970's. I bet the lyrics are not political at all but coming from Russia I can see a similarlity. The feeling is exactly the same. But how old are these songs?

The American songs are also wonderful, although different.

Life In Technicolor
23-05-2006, 10:22
These Russian ballads sound extremely close to the so-called "resistance" Greek music of the 1960's of the 1970's
The interesting note.
But how old are these songs?
These songs are taken from albums which have appeared in different years:

Радио Африка (Radio Africa) - 1983
День Серебра (The Day of Silver) - 1984
Русский альбом (Russian album) - 1991
Kostroma mon Amour - 1994
Навигатор (The Navigator) - 1995
Снежный лев (A snow lion) - 1996
Сестра Хаос (Sister Chaos) - 2002

The list of all albums of "Aquarium" in English and info here: http://www.aquarium-web.com/en/albums/index.htm
"Aquarium" has many albums. Some albums are excellent works, others - empty and uninteresting . The last CD was released in 2006.
The interesting fact: Mick Taylor was the musician on two tracks in an album "Navigator"-95. (In the beginning 70's Mick Tayler was the participant of "The Rolling Stones ") info here: http://www.aquarium-web.com/en/albums/index.htm

Two more songs:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1992_Russiah_album/Track10.mp3 Burlak
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1996_Snezhniy_lev/Track03.mp3 Maxim the forester
It's not ballads. These are very energetic things. And two more songs:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1995_Navigator/11%20Track.mp3 Garson №2
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1995_Navigator/03%20Track.mp3 The Graveyard

25-05-2006, 10:56
Thanks Тривими ! :D
I just found out about this guy a few days ago, when I dloaded this 80s Rick-Springfield-like pop-rock number called Radio Silence. And I couldn't believe a Russian made it. In 1989 even! Then I dloaded the whole album and I really love it. I'll dload songs you posted as well! Thanks again! :)

This guy is really cool from what I've heard so far.

Life In Technicolor
31-05-2006, 12:42
Other side of "Aquarium": easy, light, joyful songs. Some almost dancing, some almost reggae and all very positive! These songs are not similar to songs in Russian, links on which I published before.

http://www.aquarium.ru/mp3/zoom_zoom_zoom.mp3 Zoom zoom zoom
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1993_Ramzes/01.mp3 Лётчик (Pilot)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1999_Psy/Track07.mp3 Стоп машина (Stop the engine)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1986_10_strel/04%20Track.mp3 Стучаться в двери травы.. (Knocking on the Door of Grass)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1999_Psy/Track03.mp3 Сварог (Svarog)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1985_Kids_of_december/Track05.mp3 Она может двигать собой (She can move)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1983_Radio_Africa/10.mp3 Время луны. (Time of the moon.)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1983_Radio_Africa/09.mp3 Тибетское танго. (Tibetan Tango)
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/2002_sestra_chaos/02.mp3 Брод (Wade)

01-06-2006, 13:02
Am now downloading more songs ! Thanks, Тривими :). I'm sure I can hear a sitar in Лётчик, so there is an Indian influence there as well. Some of the earlier songs you posted have a Beatles feel to them too eg. Fields of my love.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying listening to them.

Life In Technicolor
06-06-2006, 15:03
I'm sure I can hear a sitar in Лётчик, so there is an Indian influence there as well.
it`s true - sitar and tablas.

Marc Almond sings the song of Б.Г. (B. Grebenshikov): http://dl.zvuki.ru/3/0150/mp3/3.mp3 Gosudaryunia (Marc Almond with "Aquarium" group)
This track from CD "Heart on snow" (M. Almond sing the Russian songs)

May favourite songs now: http://slil.ru/22814860 Белая (White) to dload press left button and then OK, and http://dl.zvuki.ru/2/3584/mp3/1.mp3 Феечка (Pixie) It should enter in "easy and light songs" which I has placed recently. But only today I have found the links. The Leg of Destiny as sing B.G.

06-06-2006, 23:01
Oh wow, I've been a fan of Marc Almond for many years - I really enjoyed hearing Gosudaryunia :) . I know he performed with Alla Bayanova in Moscow in April.

Again, a big thankyou :coctail:

Life In Technicolor
07-06-2006, 14:40
Boris's voice does this track such:
http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/1992_Russiah_album/Track03.mp3 Gosudaryunia

The resource http://slil.ru/22814860 where is song "Белая" (White) is works? I would like to know can people from other countries to use it? Please give me the answer.

What impressions about Armenian national instrument Duduk in the song «Северный цвет» ("Northern color")? Which I posted earlier.
Can is pleasant this song if not to understand in Russian? I think this song and duduk -wonderful.

07-06-2006, 16:12
I really like the sound of the duduk. Северный цвет is a wonderful song. Is this instrument or something similar used in Middle Eastern countries ?

http://slil.ru/22814860 doesn't work for me at the moment. Most of your other links work well though. It has taken me a little longer to download tracks because I've got net connection problems right now.

Life In Technicolor
08-06-2006, 11:40
Is this instrument or something similar used in Middle Eastern countries ?
I think maybe there are instruments with a similar sound. But this concurrence not 100 %. Therefore duduk the original instrument. Armenian musician Dzhivan Gasparyan does solo performances in the different countries. He plays on duduk and he has taken part in record of song Северный цвет (Northern color). Once, on TV, I have seen the performance "Aquarium" + Dzhivan Gasparyan.
If you liked this sound I can recommend to listen Paul McCartney with "Jenny Wrenn".

Life In Technicolor
06-02-2007, 14:52
http://slil.ru/22814860 doesn't work for me at the moment
One more link to my favorite song "Belaya" (White) http://www.sendspace.com/file/rfq8ff
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22erkV6MAk0 the acoustic version

Boris Grebenschikov and 'Deadushki' (Deadушки)
http://www.sendspace.com/file/9zlyq3 'Vremya Luny' dance remix.
http://www.sendspace.com/file/qmh5xt 'Prekrasnyi diletant' techno remix

Boris's other "song" - his daughter Alisa Grebenschikova. She is a well known star of cinema and theatre.
http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/6411/rma2006qf3.jpg RMA MTV.

IMHO: Alisa is not hot but she's very nice actress and very very nice girl!:)

07-02-2007, 13:32
Thanks for the MP3's, Тривими :) . I've downloaded them and am listening to 'Belaya' now.

Life In Technicolor
05-04-2007, 22:35

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcuYsF2Sow0 Garson №2 :)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFVWYWH36h4 Masha i Medved' (Masha:liplick: and Bear)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vslG9ohoFs Radio Silence

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxza2m08D-c 'Gorod' - a cut from russian film "ASSA" + the famous song . The moment of glory for Boris.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKdYLvt1wsY 'Burlak' - super energetic song! :yes:

Sasha Vasiliev ( group Splin) + Boris Grebenschikov http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFSNAhKwaOQ 'Pesnya o zvyozdah' :done:

Life In Technicolor
06-04-2007, 12:17
One more a collaboration - Vyacheslav Butusov ('Nautilus Pompilius') and Boris Grebenschikov: Nezhnyi Vampir (Gentle Vampire) :rose:
MP3: http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/razbrosannye_veschi/nezhnyi_vampir.mp3
this song from the film "Brat" ( Brother)

2 Video for download

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/video/CLIP08.AVI Garson №2

Grebenshikov used the English capital's famous Oxford street as the location for a clip Garson № 2.
Famous Russian director and actor Alexander Kaidanovsky http://www.answers.com/topic/alexander-kaidonovsky wrote the script and directed the action. Along with references to John Lennon, Frank Zappa and Victor Tsoi (russian group "KINO"), two penguins and a juggler enlivened the clip.

http://aquarium.lipetsk.ru/MESTA/mp3/video/CLIP12.AVI Bozhe, pomiluy polyarnikov (God bless the arctic seamen)

Life In Technicolor
10-06-2007, 10:49
Boris Grebenschikov at the Royal Albert Hall




10-06-2007, 12:29
Thanks for the links, Тривими :) :rose: . I wish I could have gone to the concert.

Life In Technicolor
30-01-2009, 21:12
A couple of covers:

1. Natasha Pivovarova - 'Adelaida'
Members of Aquarium took part in the recordings.

Akvarium - 'Adelaida'

2. Doch Monroe I Kennedy (Daugter Of Monroe and Kennedy) - 'Prekrasniy Diletant' (Beautiful Dilettante)
Svetlana Chapurina /Doch Monroe I Kennedy/
Her domra playing (this Russian stringed folk instrument is very rarely used in rock music, if ever) seems rather ornamental, decorative, like the balalaika in the Western film version of Dr. Zhivago.

Akvarium - 'Prekrasnyi Diletant'