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30-04-2006, 01:29
Since we have the "last movie you saw" thread... I thought I would start the last album you heard thread since there is so much great music coming out everyday.

Taking Back Sunday - Louder I just bought it today and I haven't gotten through the entire album, but from what I've heard it is amazing. They've definitely continued to grow as artists from their last album and Tell all your Friends.

Placebo - Meds Ok, I know this is a tad bit redunant since there are so many Placebo fans on this forum... But Meds is such a wonderful album. My favs are definitely Infra Red and Blind

The All-American Rejects - Move Along I finally got around to picking up this CD today also. It's a good blend of Punk, Emo and (what I would call) Hard-core Pop. It's a more serious album than their debut, in that, there isn't as much fluff and it has more of an edge to most of the songs.

Cascada - Everytime We Touch Generally as a rule, if the first single, and the album title on a debut are all the same, the rest of the album sucks. However, Cascada's CD is good from start to finish. And surprisingly it isn't all techno either. There are a couple good covers on it Kids in America, which kinda makes me laugh since her parents are from the UK and she grew up in Germany. But it has a really catchy techno beat. Then She also did a cover of Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply and the girl can definitely sing.

PowerPuff Grrl
30-04-2006, 02:08
OMG, when's the last time I bought an album?!
Anyhoo, Radiohead's Kid A, I thought, was a pretty good investment, as was their other two previous albums; OK Computer and The Bends. But honestly, since Kid A I've seriously hated them for reasons for more than they deserve.

INXS Greatest Hits, cause they made some pretty cools sounds in the eighties, I Need you Tonight.

Spice Girls, self titled... ok and also the second album, Spice World. Say whatever you want, they are the best goddamn pop band in the last twenty years.

Oasis What's the Story... the only good album they have ever had, so they seriously need to shut the fuck up telling off other bands.

The Roots - Things Fall Apart, but really anything from them seeing as they are the saviours to this "hip-hop cancer."

AAnd U2's Pop, obviously they had other better albums but the fact that this is one good album and that they were bold enough to adopt sounds from another genre that others snubbed their noses at is freaking awesome. Constantly evolving their sound and not taking the stance of their peers by playing the same nostalgic sound over and over again is not being creative, or even original. Sadly they've stopped and started to record radio-friendly generic shit.

30-04-2006, 02:09
Flipsyde - We The People
I have been lucky enough to hang out for a little bit with 2 of the guys from Flipsyde - Piper and Dave.. We talked about current music and I mentioned that rap was not my kind of thing, because all people can rap about is sex, drugs and rock and roll.. Dave told me that they were not like that at all and convinced me to buy their album.. I think it's absolutely great!! Thanks Dave ;)

P!nk - I'm Not Dead
There should be more famous people out there like P!nk.. She's not afraid to stand up against issues that others are afraid to stand up to.. Nothing but props to her for Dear Mr. President..

02-05-2006, 14:35
meds - placebo very good but not as good as older ones. meds duet is great and few other songs. in my opinion other songs lack some roughness that meds and broken promise have.