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22-04-2006, 06:23
1. the clit is on the outside. the only part of human anatomy solely for pleasure is located on the outside of the body. not inside, where the penis penetrates, but where, oh say, those without a penis can reach. interesting.
2. the g-spot is located away from where the penis can easily reach. do most guys know where it is? :spy: i know. the reason why most women don't have g-spot orgasms is because most guys don't know where it is and even for those who do, it is difficult to get to...with a penis. :coctail:
3. dick/semen spreads fatal diseases => downfall of humankind
4. semen is gross. the taste of something that changes based on the diet of the person is disgusting. and men's diets are usually worse than women's anyway. worse in the sense that they eat more red meat, foods high in saturated fat, etc. ick.
5. sperm is worse. tiny little swimmers? EW. may as well be parasites.
6. dick = fucking ugly. it hangs. and..it sticks OUT. OUT. anything that chafes is bad. :bum:
7. even God knows this
8. balls don't do shit for pleasure and yet they're there. and OH GOD that smacking sound they make. *finding happy place*
9. men don't know how to use their hands. not the straight ones anyway. but who cares about the gay ones. don't do it for me.
10. there are hostile expressions that ppl say such as ,"go suck it" or "go suck a big veiny one" or "god he's such a dick" that are pretty harsh. and harsh for a reason. dick isn't pretty! you wouldn't say, "man he's a great guy. he is SUCH a dick" when you want to praise someone, now would you? imagine if you said "go suck a breast!" would people say no? the straight guys would say yes. the ones who say "uh, how perverted!" are trying to act gentlemanly but are also the ones who masturbate the most TO such graphic acts. the "straight" girls who utter disgust but secretly wonder about it and remind themselves to accidently approach the nippular area the next the she and her other "straight" friends got wasted. and what of the lesbians? duh. rhetorical. and as for the gay guys...they'd probably say something witty such as, "been there, done that. hello!? did all those years of drug uses dissolve your common sense? we had to derive nourishment somehow during infancy." back to the point..
11. women's sexual noises are much more appealling than men's. women moan. men grunt. you know what else grunts? gorillas. uhhh, so close.
12. women smell better. oh god. enough said.
13. men need to shave that area to make it look BIGGER. women shave to make it more accessible. er, yeah. that isn't messed up.
14. women are just better.
15. feel free to ridicule or raise an eyebrow at this rant as it is late, i am exhausted, delerious, and not sure where or who i am anymore. these are but lasting thoughts before i lose consciousness.

a few thoughts on the matter. don't get me wrong, i don't hate men, despite what some of you are sitting there, rolling your eyes and thinking. this is just about sex, baby.


22-04-2006, 06:45
i don't hate men, despite what some of you are sitting there,
Are you so sure? :spy:

Here, it just looks as an ultra-fanatic-feminist post, seeing "sex" just as a pure mechanic, just as simple pieces of meat, without any trace of feeling or emotion...

Indeed, it just makes stronger my sympathy for men and creates a deep feeling of disgust/dislike...but not for the ones who are the original targets of this post.

22-04-2006, 07:06
define feminism?

feminism: men and women are equal. in the workplace, in society, in reality.

what do YOU mean by feminism? :spy:

seeing "sex" just as a pure mechanic, just as simple pieces of meat, without any trace of feeling or emotion...

haven't you gathered by now that many men treat women this way? need i say more. :rolleyes:
and i am NOT talking about sex vs making love. sex is just sex. it CAN mean alot with someone you really care about. and it CAN just be about horny people who get together. and besides, don't take these posts of mine seriously. i can have a dark sense of humor.

22-04-2006, 09:04
Lux, This thread is ultra-feministic. It's like I'd post "European people are better than African", bla, bla. I class it as descrimination.

:the thread is cliosed: