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15-04-2006, 20:52
i was extremyl bored so i wanted to crop julias head on someones body you shoulddd all know! it really crappy looking but i tried it ended up not even looking like julia! it looks like the mom from nip/tuck whose name is julia too


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17-04-2006, 16:11
it ended up not even looking like julia!

Well, that's true,,,,, why don't you try sombody else's body?,,,, I guess Paris is too tall,,,,,

17-04-2006, 18:18
idk i love paris so i wanted to do it on julia anyway it was a one time thing i was insprired by other ppl whove done it

17-04-2006, 22:14
I've done some stuff with them (tatu's faces on somebody else's body),,,,, working with lena's face is easier,,,,,, but Yulia,,,, it gets more an more complicated,,,, try with lena's face,,,I'll be waiting for your next one,