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26-03-2006, 01:53
Does anyone have their new album "Krasivaya lyubov"??


My friend tried to order it from Russia, but the place we usually buy stuff from now says they don't ship outside of Russia and no-one else seems to have it yet.

(oops.. this was meant to go into the search/exchange forum.. if a mod wants to move it, that would be great)

26-03-2006, 02:27
(oops.. this was meant to go into the search/exchange forum.. if a mod wants to move it, that would be great)Well, we don't have a thread for that artist yet (i don't know them actually) and since it's a new album, it can stay here.

26-03-2006, 06:17
Ok cool, well I might as well post the first single from this new group. It's called "Krasivaya lyubov" (beautiful love) and it's been a big hit. They were performing it on many of the New Years Eve shows including Pesna Goda. It's got a real Indian/Asian kind of sound to the music which everyone seems to be doing in the last year (**points at Jasmin**).

"Krasivaya lyubov" (audio) -sorry people, it's in the dreaded M4A format

"Krasivaya lyubov (video clip) - a really low qualilty vid I just found.

Apparently they've released other singles but I'm not familiar with them - the album's been a long time coming because I think the song came out mid last year! (yes, if anyone's got the album please please please!)

13-04-2006, 02:19
I didn't know there was an a'sortie topic. I LOVE them :o
I downloaded their album. Maybe sometime this week or the next (when I go to my cousin's house) I upload it for you. The internet connection I have sucks :(

15-04-2006, 14:11
Actually, I just got their album so I'm going to upload over the weekend for others, when I get a chance, so don't worry, if you got a slow connection (thanks for the thought!) :)