View Full Version : Problems accessing Tatysite forum

13-03-2006, 20:00
I am currently speaking with our very own Teeny on MSN, and she has problems opening the site. I thought maybe there was something she could do, I know I had the same problem a few days ago - the page would not be displayed at all.

She says she can only access it from work, so I figured I might ask if you guys know what the problem might be and how to solve this. :D

She's been without Tatysite for a few days now and she's going insane now :laugh:

13-03-2006, 20:27
i had the same problem last saturday.couldnt open the forum.it happens to me sometimes and i thoought reason for the problem is form my computer

14-03-2006, 16:30
I'm going really insane yeah.. first I had a few days off by own choice (since I had a lot of things to do at work and all) and then when I wanted to return it wouldn't display. I thought the site was down, but since notifications arrived by email still I gave up that thought. I remember a long time ago I/we had troubles with the site loading and changed something in windows folder so that it would check the right ip. Could it be that I need to change that one back? If so - where was it to be located?

Located: http://forum.tatysite.net/showpost.php?p=106143&postcount=3
I'm going to try and remove the added when I come home. If it goes well I'm going to post a happy post in a few hours. Otherwise: insert a buch of swear words and I'll check the site tomorrow for updates or new ideas

14-03-2006, 16:57
teeny, I actually added it just now to test it out, it stopped working for me. Hopefully you'll fix it! :D

14-03-2006, 17:18
ehhh.. I didn't change anything and now it's working again. I better remove the text just to be sure.

But anyway: YAAAAAAAY it's working again :10x: