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  1. Yulia Volkova Solo Project
  2. Yulia's Birthday Party in FM Cafe
  3. Yulia Volkova Solo Project pt.2
  4. Yulia is a gay male hater
  5. Single/Video: Держи рядом / Derzhi Ryadom (Live Rip + Live Performance)
  6. Video: Держи рядом / Derzhi Ryadom
  7. Remix: Держи рядом / Derzhi Ryadom (Official Remix) Snippet + Download
  8. Single: Спасите Люди Мир / It's Time to Save the World
  9. Julia Volkova for Hello.ru: New life, new me
  10. New Song: "Венера и Марс" (Russian Version of "Woman All The Way Down")
  11. Video: Julia's concert at Мумий Тролль Music Bar, 29th April 2016
  12. Yulia Volkova beat cancer but 'mistake' during surgery damaged her singing voice
  13. Video: Julia's performance at Музеон Festival (29.05.2016)
  14. Single: Следуй за мной
  15. Single: Просто забыть | Live video added!
  16. Video: Просто забыть | Teaser released!
  17. Julia's song "Следуй за мной" leaked today!
  18. New song: "Воздушно-капельно"
  19. Video: Live Concert @ Korston, 2017
  20. Song: Алло Любовь