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  1. POLL::Official EuroVision Discussion Thread:: Part II (April 09- May 02)
  2. ::news paper in Taiwan with translation::
  3. TATU is ::Universal Artist of the Week::
  4. Essay thread (non-fiction)
  5. Does any1 have any info on the band that played live with them in the U.S??
  6. Simple Moves
  7. I bet O'Connell has a fixation with Tatu
  8. ::lenghty:: article by Rolling Stone Mexico
  9. Another article taking shots at our girls....
  10. New Taty video DVD?
  11. ::Scandalous details about Ivan Shapovalov's persecution of Elena Kiper
  12. ::Breaking News:: Rammstain Denies To Co-Record With Tatu!
  13. low quality but hot pictures
  14. Tatu acapellas?
  15. Julia and Lena voices' capacities
  16. ::Official WebSite News:: Tatu Fans Get Ready !
  17. [INFO ON DVD] ::Tatu's NEXT Single After NGGU:: Officially --> "How Soon Is Now?"
  18. Yet another thesis: why is it so important if they are?
  19. T.a.T.u. e-mail adress
  20. TATU's Music Vidz Links Thread
  21. ::POLL:: Ptyuch Magazine - Ivan's Concept of t.A.T.u.
  22. Tatu mentioned in Financial Times
  23. Eccentric t.A.T.u dreams...
  24. "Not Gonna Get Us" video REMIX
  25. Tatu's video
  26. ::Scans, article!:: Maybe We Are Bisexual! (OKEJ, Sweden)
  27. All The Things She Said Instrumental Version
  28. NEW TRANSLATION of interview in Russian mag. Links provided.
  29. Tatu Far
  30. E. Kiper about t.A.T.u. in Bolshaya Stirka [Transcript is added]
  31. Much Music Premieres "not Gonna Get Us"
  32. t.A.T.u. in May 2003 issue of Blender
  33. the IMX English version of not gonna get us is diff. than the Russian one
  34. Are Tatu Right To Be Rude To Press?
  35. 30 minutes video
  36. Good vibrations: KISS poll!
  37. Tatu U-turn on free tickets (Daily Star)
  38. Tatu at Total Show (Russian TV - July 2002)
  39. Is "How Soon Is Now" a Good Third single?
  40. You wanted more exclusive photos? Receive!!!
  41. ::eXclusive:: Europe+ radio interview [Download w. Translation]
  42. ::SuperExcluZZ:: PIX in progress (Funny t.A.T.u.)
  43. :: New Scans Of Mags!!::
  44. Article about child-porn hysteria
  45. Bravo International No.7. [TRANSLATION and links]
  46. Folk music and Lena Katina
  47. ::Scans of Weekly Oricon Magazine from Japan::
  48. t.A.T.u. "young & sexy" Too young?
  49. Daytime TV to Get First Lesbian Kiss Tatu inspired?
  50. Autograph session video
  51. I translated this, you may find it interesting
  52. Odd - the cover of 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane((Korean Edition)
  53. :::MP3::: Prostye Dvizheniya Video Version
  54. Really odd t.A.T.u. reference.
  55. ::Poll:: How Soon Is Now? -Exclusive- [Video DOWNLOAD]
  56. Do you want the worst ever review of their single?
  57. Review of 200 km/h...
  58. Character changes?
  59. ::The Sun:: Tatu: Pose nude for us (article)
  60. ::Magazine scans::
  61. Vid Caps of "How soon is now"
  62. Obsession with sex that could kill our children!
  63. A very funny TATU video!!
  64. t.A.T.u./Тату Lyrics
  65. NGGU UK Video [DOWNLOAD]
  66. Visiting Japan of the ѓ^ѓgѓDЃ[ in the discontinuance... in Russia " capture " is
  67. t.A.T.u. in US issue of Maxim!!
  68. ::Bravo Mexico:: Gee... original.
  69. Rolling Stone SCANS
  70. 'New Music' magazine SCAN
  71. ::Is This The End?:: Another tour might be fatal for Tatu…
  72. "if u don't wanna be disappointed, try not to become fascinated"
  73. Just thought this was funny
  74. About 200 Kmh In The Wrong Lane-Jap Ver.
  75. tATu are not going to Japan (maybe because of SARS)
  76. Fun poll: Sleeping beauties...
  77. Fun poll: Sleeping beauties...
  78. What are Yulia and Lena talking about?
  79. t.A.T.u remixes
  80. TATU on ITV2 UK - Carlton
  81. They added "NGGU" on the TRL voting list!!!
  82. Kiss Analysis
  83. Sun editor gets comment from Lena???
  84. northern ireland fans in for treat
  85. Yulia is seen in Moscow today
  86. ::Time for student scans are added::
  87. funny - Iraqi InfoMinister mentions tatu! :P
  88. Yale Herald article about t.A.T.u.
  89. ::NEWS:: Tatu defend raunchy image
  90. ::NEWS:: BBC1 radio - Tatu antics 'nothing strange'
  91. ::Photo session (mpg file)::
  92. ::Tatu--Naked:: on a Moscow bridge
  93. Tatu and NGGU on UK Radio
  94. TRANSCRIPT: t.A.T.u on U.K RADIO!
  95. ::Poll:: Questions about t.A.T.u.'s future
  96. A Moscow bridge thread that hopefully will be about the Moscow bridge
  97. t.A.T.u.'s official site has a completely new look and some bugs
  98. TATU + CANADA = Success?
  99. ::Article:: Pedo-pop from t.A.T.u.
  100. ::Interview:: We are free.
  101. New Article - "Persecution Complex"
  102. Review of Not Gonna Get Us
  103. Russians are kissing, Slovenian is drumming
  104. A very nice article
  105. Concerts - Appearances 2003
  106. ::t.A.T.u. on Cover of Rolling Stone Spain!!::
  107. ::question:: DJ Blizzard remix, door slamming sound 4 minutes into it
  108. NorthMusic radio interview Translation?
  109. ::New Article:: Tatu are sure about their “normality”.
  110. TATU are not forgotten in russia :)
  111. BBC channel 5 TATU - pornography
  112. Voices- Yulia, Lena, Both?
  113. NGGU clip shown on TRL
  114. Voices- Yulia, Lena, Both?
  115. ::Intimate Report:: (Popcorn)
  116. Scan: BRAVO - Wetten Dass
  117. According to the Smash Hits charts NGGU will "flop" in the UK
  118. yulia, jelous??? and lena flirting?
  119. ::NewsBlock:: (April 25) Interview with t.A.T.u.
  120. It's Tatu Rude For The Cheeky Girls
  121. -Another article about Yulia seen with her "boyfriend"-
  122. Tatu Poster
  123. You sure won't like this: "Da Sun" strikes back
  124. What is t.A.T.u.? - Ivan, Yulia and Kiper
  125. TRANSLATION + Poll: "Tatu's fight..."
  126. Yulia's smoking (sort of)
  127. t.A.T.u in Spin Magazine (June issue)
  128. BILD: t.A.T.u. - too hot for Prince William
  129. Tatu on UK TV - Liquid News [download, page 6]
  130. Do you think t.A.T.u. wil ever come back to the U.S.?
  131. Tatu UK tour :: cancellation, news, UK:CD show
  132. The Real t.A.T.u- What Is Missing?
  133. How soon is now - The Craft
  134. What about theirs voices?
  135. Good News: Advance Sales in Germany satisfying!
  136. Hot Gossip from an Australian Magazine
  137. tatysite.net ::eXclusive VIDEO DOWNLOADS::
  138. I.f.k.?
  139. tatu on radio 1 news [mp3 + Transcript]
  140. Japan will release 200 Km/H In The Wrong Lane-Special Edition(2 discs, one is DVD)
  141. Interesting article about Tatu guitarist Troy MacCubbin
  142. tATu in Q Magazine, UK [Transcript Now Available!]
  143. ... more exclusive photos from Nex
  144. HMV on Tuesday
  145. A new thought on tATu...
  146. t.A.T.u. segment on O'Reilly Factor - Recap
  147. Article: Tatu told no "simulated acts"
  148. :: NEWS :: Tatu plan to wed
  149. ARTICLE::SHOCK!::People of the week: Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova.
  150. -Small Article about UK canceled shows, and "Cheeky Girls"...
  151. Favorite t.A.T.u. quote?
  152. Tatu on TOTP UK (vid, caps, articles)
  153. Official EuroVision Discussion Thread:: Part III (May 02--May21)
  154. How Soon Is Now CD
  155. Info: Ne Ver, Ne Boisya on German NGGU CD
  156. 'tween tracks 3 and 4 on 200km/h
  157. The Shooting of New Music Video «Show Me Love» will Take Place in London!
  158. Tatu on CD:UK -- My Report
  159. ATTSS used in UK Gold trailer
  160. tATu co-present Popworld - Channel 4 UK
  161. Julia's night at Astoria, London, G-A-Y night
  162. About Lena's Father
  163. Neposedi pix
  164. Gone tATu Far?
  165. DOWNLOAD-"fan_sign" (what is it??)
  166. t.A.T.u. in their own words, an article
  167. Lena's and Yulia's hair
  168. Tatu + Lenin?
  169. A quick article from 'The Sun'
  170. A recent interview with Tatu which answers some questions
  171. ::Photos:: of Tatu in UK + Mistery Women with Julia... Who is she?
  172. Lena and Yulia in Neposedi
  173. tATu bloopers!
  174. Tatu's the man in Lena's bed?
  175. Tour in Germany cancelled/delayed
  176. Hmm What's Russian for....
  177. Tatu Dvd Release On May 26th Canceled
  178. Julia's Illness Will Be Gone With More Pay? ::Shapovalov's Trick?!::
  179. Ahem, so what happened with the video shoot?
  180. London UK, my report
  181. Liquid News
  182. All Tatu Much For Girls
  183. Tatu on RISE - Channel 4
  184. ::Article:: "Tatu You" (Short article)
  185. Tatu Scared The English Promoters ::+:: Shapovalov Comments On The Cancelled UK Gigs.
  186. :::NEWS::: HMV- Teasing Tatu in embrace for fans
  187. In an Odd Way: Tatu on Tv.
  188. Police force Tatu to move schoolgirls video shoot
  189. "200 In The Wrong Lane" Goes Platinum In Europe
  190. Guardian: Skin deep talent
  191. ::Three:: Tatu Girls Will Perform On EuroVision!
  192. Tatu- Bittorent - NGGU Remix Vid
  193. "Ne Ver Ne Bojsia Ne prosi" The future?
  194. cd:uk performances pictures
  195. ::Reuters:: Russian Lesbian Pop Duo Run Afoul of London Police...
  196. ::Katya Nechaeva:: Is She Good Enough For Tatu?
  197. A pic I found on MTV Russia's website...
  198. Video Shoot Yesterday On Millenium Bridge in London
  199. Tatu in "The Bill" movie?
  200. yulia on front of Daily Sport
  201. More HMV pics
  202. Hey everyone..we spent 3 days with Tatu!!
  203. Where are the girls now?
  204. NVNB longer version
  205. Millenium Bridge Pic Exclusive!
  206. eurovision: uk entrants jemini comment on tatu
  207. Great article in PlayLouder
  208. Tatu - Telegraph Magazine
  209. PIX of tatu shooting show me love video
  210. t.A.T.u. cd review in Lockin' Out Fanzine
  211. The Fridge
  212. Daily Sport - "Tatu Sex Film Shock!"
  213. :: Coming soon TATU on Bo Selecta..?
  214. Still going at it in Japan
  215. Tatu - South London Press
  216. Should Willy Wonka Sue TATY?
  217. 'bout time! TOTP Mag Poster &Mixx mag
  218. CD:UK & The audience
  219. Question; does anyone know...
  220. what song would you like to hear t.A.T.u sing?
  221. The Leak - Taty's 2nd Russian Album (?)
  222. tATu appears on English-study magizine
  223. :: Scan :: Yulia's Poster
  224. CD:UK vids
  225. Parody of the NoTW Article
  226. ::What Do You -Feel- For Tatu?::
  227. Tatu in Now UK Magazine
  228. translation request!
  229. t.A.T.u. on Popworld
  230. Sideways Ivan :P
  231. NGGU vid - uncut version?
  232. Hmm. Tridtsat' Minut Video Version...
  233. Download magazines
  234. ::A Good Professional Analysis:: Why do Tatu girls need scandals? Do you know?!
  235. t.A.T.u. is back in Moscow (dni.ru)
  236. Ivan in The Face uk
  237. show me luv in poland
  238. ::Should they care?:: t.A.T.u. and the tabloids
  239. ::A Positive Russian Article, >Reliable< Magazine -"GALA"::Is This The Beginning/End
  240. tatugirls left a message on their fan site?
  241. :: Radio 1 (UK) TATU Alert ::
  242. +>Shapovalov' Side Of The Story About The ::Raped Female Reporter::.
  243. t.A.T.u is performing at the MTV Movie Awards.
  244. Alert : Liquid Eurovision
  245. london times: article about tatu lecture
  246. ::New Photos?:: Tatu Drunk... Again?
  247. ::t.A.T.u. on German TV:: (+ Interaktiv Transcript!)
  248. Metro's 60 Second Interview with t.A.T.u
  249. ::new piture?::(from onlytatu.com)
  250. Deary me...